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SGX Nifty Today Live Price Trend & Chart

Here you can find where is SGX Nifty today live trading and know the price trend and chart of the index. For instant analysis and decision making, we have also provided its trend in 3 different time frames: 5 minutes, 1 hour and 1 day. Find values of sgx nifty live in INR.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SGX Nifty?

SGX Nifty stands for Singapore Exchange Nifty or briefly called as Singapore Nifty. This is actually the Indian benchmark index Nifty listed in the Singapore stock market. It’ll be moving with regard to Indian Nifty.

Can Indian trade in SGX Nifty?

As a matter of fact, Indians do not trade in the Singapore Nifty. Rather they use this for the purpose of predicting the opening and movement of out Nifty index. However, foreign investors and NRIs staying in Singapore can trade in the Singapore exchange Nifty.

How does SGX Nifty work?

Every morning in the stock market-related TV channel news we regularly listen regarding Singapore Nifty. If it trades up, generally Indian securities markets open gap up and if it trades down our markets open gap down.

What is the SGX Nifty opening time?

SGX-Nifty starts trading at 6:30 AM in the morning on all market days and principally it shows the initial direction to the Indian Market. It offers a wonderful trading plan wherever our Nifty index will open for the day.

SGX Nifty today live chart

Below we provide today’s live chart for Singapore Nifty. By default, 5-minute candlesticks are provided but you can change the time frame too. You can change the time frame to 1-minute, 5-minutes, 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 45-minutes, 1-hour, 2-hours, 4-hours and 5-hours for intraday analysis. Long term charts can also be opened and 1-day, 1-week, and 1-month bars are available.

You can also customize the charts by selecting an area chart, bar chart, candlestick chart, heikin ashi charts, etc.

Importance of Tracking Singapore Nifty

Now I will discuss why it is so much closely associated with our stock markets? The Indian securities market indices, i.e. Sensex and Nifty-50 is indirectly associated with Singapore Nifty or SGX Nifty live INR as well as with the other Indices round the world.

Another purpose is that each and every Asian nation, as well as Singapore, is also on the same continent. So markets react many times similarly due to the same socio-economic structure. On the Super Monday of 2009 simply when the election results got declared, each Sensex and nifty closed on the higher circuits and frozen. Before the market opened the Singapore Nifty was trading 600 points higher clearly indicating a circuit. This is not the only example, if some steep rise/fall happens in any of the Indices round the world it affects different exchanges.

Where to check SGX Nifty today live rates on Moneycontrol or our website?

In today’s globalized world and in the era of the internet it is necessary to keep an eye on other exchanges. Because if anything drastic happens in other countries that can affect our stock market too. Hence people track the Singapore Nifty rates or SGXNifty live on MoneyControl or other sites.

“SGX Nifty live moneycontrol” or “sgx nifty live tradingview” are some popular search term on the internet. So people know they can get the stock index rates on that site. If you want to check the rates on MoneyControl, they have a page called the Global indices. That page contains all world indices. Singapore Nifty is on the list but it is not prominent. You need to find the rates from all those indices. Also, they only provide open, high, low and close data. On the other hand, we provide the close price of the index as well as trend commentary on multiple time frames, 5-minute, hourly and daily time frames.

SGX Nifty Live MoneyControl
Check only basic information is provided about the index

Apart from SGX Nifty today live price we also provide its full technical chart or SGX Nifty in INR live. So you can also do a technical analysis of the index and predict our Nifty index from your analysis.