Gopalakrishnan Range Index (GAPO) Usage Guide

Gopalakrishnan Range Index or GAPO is developed by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan in the January 2001 issue of the STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine. It attempts to determine the variability of price data based on the log of the price range over user-defined n-periods. Gopalakrishnan Range Index is intended to measure volatility in a stock or commodity. It does … Continue reading “Gopalakrishnan Range Index (GAPO) Usage Guide”

Elder Ray Index Indicator Formula and Settings

Once again, the Elder-Ray Index is an indicator developed by Alexander Elder. It measures the amount of buying and selling pressure in the market. The components of the Elder Ray Index indicator are “bull power” or “bear power”. The main part of this indicator is an exponential moving average, which is a trend-following indicator essential to the calculation. … Continue reading “Elder Ray Index Indicator Formula and Settings”

Ease of Movement Indicator Formula, Strategy

The Ease of Movement indicator or EMV is a volume-based oscillator that fluctuates above and below the zero lines. This indicator is designed to measure the “ease” of price movement. Richard Arms created Equivolume charts to visually display price ranges and volume. It takes Equivolume to the next step by quantifying the price/volume relationship and showing … Continue reading “Ease of Movement Indicator Formula, Strategy”