What are ROCE and ROE in the Stock Market?

ROCE and ROE are the ratios that help us to understand the company’s growth. It calculates the company’s upcoming future. Is it safe or profitable to invest in that company’s shares or not? An investor or trader always closely observes ROCE and ROE ratio in the stock market, before investing their money. If you heard … Continue reading “What are ROCE and ROE in the Stock Market?”

What is Return on Equity Ratio (RoE)?

The Return on Equity Ratio indicates the profitability of a company. It evaluates the profit-making scenario by using shareholders’ equity. ROE interprets how much profit a company generates by using each rupee from shareholders’ equity. Although the ratio doesn’t necessarily reveal the entire financial movements of a company, it certainly helps investors to evaluate a company’s value and … Continue reading “What is Return on Equity Ratio (RoE)?”