Sach Ka Samna – A Lie Detector Test | Check Who is Telling Lie

Sach Ka Samna - Facing the Truth

Oh, finally a weekend. Two full days to do my own trial and error and research. Today was not at all a good day for me. Overall I managed to be in small profits, but I feel it should have been a better day. It was a losing day for me in intraday Nifty future. Check my trade details here. I confess that I have earned 395 Nifty future points (calculating all partial profit booking calls to my clients) in 27 trades in this month so far (out of them 7 are losing trades, 2 losing trades today only). The positional Nifty trades yielded even better results in Nifty and Bank NF with much lesser trades. Now tell me, in your life, how many professional analysts have you seen do the Sach Ka Samna? How many of them confess a losing day in a bigger way? Hopefully none.

The General Practice of the So-Called Analysts

Instead, all so-called analysts will show you 2 month-old trade details with net profits shown in a gigantic figure to trap the typical middle-class traders. Nowadays even every Tom, Dick & Harry is starting his blog/site on the stock market. I even know some GODs of the market named XXXXXXX XXXXXX who still used to charge close to 75K a year for his Nifty calls. He was once promoting his site to forget bulls and bears and to remember only tigers because he was the proclaimed tiger in the market. But suddenly he stopped posting his monthly trade details. Why? You all know the answer. Courtesy of CNBC TV18. He is still charging close to 75K a year and killing the middle-class traders like a real TIGER.

Tiger Killing the Stock Trader

Sach Ka Samna – Winning Always is Impossible

Friends, I have seeing the market for a long time now. Have seen many ups and downs in the market. The biggest fraudsters like Harshad Mehta – My favourite KP. I know that winning every day is not possible. And I know the fact is that no one can make winning calls 100% of the time, no matter how good a trader they are. Losing trades are part of the game and if you have aspirations to become a profitable trader, you are going to have to accept that fact.

The key to success is to manage your losses by cutting them early and keeping them small, whilst either letting your winning trades run for as long as possible or making sure they at least exceed your losing trades. Friends, love your losing trades. A losing trade will teach you a lesson and will help you to be groomed as a better trader.

Friends, it’s an open challenge now! Show, me a single analyst who is:

  • Showing his trade details daily.
  • Calculating profits as per partial booking calls.
  • And still showing overall profits.


Finally, let’s do the Sach Ka Samna. It’s an era of new-generation traders, who want to know the real truth on the same day, without any delay. When we are discarding the snail mail/Telegraph/Fax to welcome e-mail, why don’t we discard this old-generation analyst? Lets all do the SACH KA SAMNA. Your comments are welcome in this regard. Have a nice weekend.

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