Why We Changed To WordPress From Blogger?

The story of our website began in 2008. I still remember those days when I started the website on the blogger platform. It was going really smooth. The address of the website was on the Blogspot platform. Then slowly I moved my website to its own domain. But then I felt the need to change the platform to something else. Because the blogger has many constraints. The major constraint was they were not allowing us to upload anything. So I transferred my website to WordPress from blogger.

Pros and Cons of Blogger:

The blogger is a nice platform for the beginners. Whenever you are going to start a website blogger is fine to start. Because there is very less coding, and you can spend your time on the content generation. But blogger does not allow you to upload files. So if you are a software developer and you want to put your software copy on your website, that your clients can download, sorry blogger is not for you. In that case, you need a full-fledged website that has upload and download facility.

So I decided to install WordPress in my domain. WordPress is a completely active PHP website and here also you do not need any coding experience.

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The main advantages to wordpress from blogger:

  • WordPress is PHP at its best without any coding knowledge
  • It has many powerful plugins
  • You can modify your website or add new content just like blogger
  • WP also has RSS feeds just like blogger

So WordPress has all the facilities and functionalities of blogger plus you can also tweak the WordPress website as per your wish. That is the WordPress edge. Hence, in early 2013 I converted my website to WordPress from blogger. The initial days were tough. Because I lost many of my instant visitors. But slowly with the help of time, I regained my visitors back. I do give Thumbs up to WordPress.

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