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While discussing the Profitunity systems, the name of a famous personality Bill Williams comes automatically. He is a master in trading psychology, famous for his technical analytical theories in the stock, commodities and forex market. In the Profitunity trading system, there are certain steps and techniques which will discuss in this article. Certain Profitunity indicators are included in this trading system. Hence, without taking further time let’s step into the main discussion.

Mr. William’s Profitunity or Chaos is a unique and popular theory which formed by combining trading psychology. According to him, trading and investment are somehow determined by human psychology. Traders should follow and analyze the real market situation. Trading is a psychological game rather than mathematical. Self-knowledge and understanding are the keys to success in the stock market.

What are the Profitunity indicators approach to trading?

As I have stated above, there is a set of Profitunity indicators which helps to execute the Profitunity trade setup. There are specific tradings rules which are described below:

Profitunity indicators

On the chart applying tools are as follows:

Let’s start with Alligator tool.

The Alligator

Alligator basically works for monitoring the market trend. There are three parts to it, Jaw, Teeth, and Lips.

Jaw (Blue Line)- 13 periods SMA (Simple Moving Average) with a future offset of 8 bars.

Teeth (Red Line)- 8 periods SMA (Simple Moving Average) with a future offset of 5 bars.

Lips (Green Line)- 5 periods SMA (Simple Moving Average) with a future offset of 3 bars.


There are five bar sequences where the middle bar has the highest high/ lowest low. It is preceded by two lower highs and is followed by two lower highs.

Awesome Oscillator (AO)

In it, there is a difference between the 34 and 5 periods SMA (Simple Moving Average) of the midpoint of the bar (H+L)/2.

Acceleration Oscillator (AC)

In MetaTrader 4 Acceleration/Deceleration Oscillator histogram is the difference between 5/34 momentum histogram (AO or Awesome Oscillator). There is also a 5 bar SMA (Simple Moving Average) on the AO oscillator.


When the Alligator lines are open, in trend direction, put a buy stop one point above the recent fractal outside of the lines. the lines.


When Alligators are closing, traders are closing too. Just stay out of the market while lines are intertwining.



We can take any signal in that direction after the first fractal is taken.

Adding Entry Signals


When AO cross line zero from negative to a positive value, we go long. It short in the opposite scenario.

When there are 3 consecutive AO bars above zero line and the last two having higher highs, we go long. Sometimes, AO pulls back for a while.


After two consecutive bars above zero line, go long.

After three consecutive bars, below zero line go long. In the case of short, the reversion of scenario happens.

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From here, you will get to see instantly profitunity indicators in real time on Metatrader (MT4).

Hence, this is the basic idea of the selected topic.


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