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Nifty Trend Reversal Possible – Nifty Resistance At 9550

Those who are following me know that my earlier Nifty target of 9460 is already done. If you have missed my last Nifty target analysis read this post: The Easiest Method Of Calculating Nifty Target For April Expiry. After Friday’s trading, I was looking at the Nifty weekly charts and one thing stuck in my […]

What Is Bank Nifty Target 2017? Make OR Break Analysis

What Can be the Bank Nifty Target 2017? Last few analysis I have mainly concentrated on the Nifty index. Those who are new to this site don’t know that I have predicted 9150 in Nifty when Nifty was trading at 9600. The prediction gave a super 550 points gain to our readers. Can you read […]

The Easiest Method Of Calculating Nifty Target For April Expiry

Those who are following me know that for some time I am in sideline from trading Nifty as my last upside target of 9180 got hit. You can read this post: Nifty Trend Analysis: My Nifty Target 9180 Hits, Now What Is Nifty View? Now the difference between a professional trader and a novice is […]

Nifty Above 8820 Finally, Now Where Is Nifty Headed?

Last trading day Nifty has finally closed above its short-term resistance mark of 8820. Last Friday Nifty opened close to 8900 and tested 8820 from there on the downside, bounced up and retested 8820 again and finally managed to close at 8821.70. Now, where is Nifty headed? Is it a breakout from the range? Apparently […]

3 Ways For Vallentine Week Profit Making Trades In NSE

So, it is weekend again and we are here to analyze the last week’s trades and next weeks profit-making trades. Now, next week is not a normal week. Tuesday is Vallentine’s Day, so next week is Vallentine Week. Everyone is looking for some bucks to make so that he can present his Vallentine some precious […]

Fresh Breakout? What Is The Next Target Of Nifty?

Last 2 days Nifty ran wildly to end 3% higher last week. Even on the expiry day it has moved up sharply and closed above 8600. Now, what can be the trading strategy in Nifty? The last short signal proved false as Nifty crossed 8461. Once again the market has entered a fresh bull orbit […]

Nifty Next Move – Uptrend On A Hault?

After 26th December 2016 India’s Nifty index is continuously on an upward bias and the index has shown a strong rally of more than 550 points within less than a month. Now last trading day’s move denoted that the uptrend is in a halt. So its time to analyse Nifty next move. In an upward […]

Nifty On Budget Day – Why 8875 And 8690 Crucial?

Budget offer on trading systems at the bottom of this page. Before analyzing Nifty on Budget Day 2015 and readers first to remind you what I have written in my last analysis of Monday. If you have missed the post please read it here. I have clearly written aggressive traders may try shorts in sudden […]

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