Nifty Trend Analysis for Calculating Nifty Target

As a newcomer to the Indian stock market, you may have heard of Nifty and its significance. Nifty is the flagship index of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. This is also a benchmark index for the Indian equity market. It consists of 50 stocks representing 13 sectors of the economy. Nifty trend analysis … Continue reading “Nifty Trend Analysis for Calculating Nifty Target”

How to Analyze Nifty Next Move?

The Indian stock market can be a confusing place, especially for beginners. With a plethora of information available and so many different indicators to follow, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this blog post, we will focus on one of the most important aspects of the Indian stock market. We will … Continue reading “How to Analyze Nifty Next Move?”