Introduction To Elliott Waves Theory For Beginners

The market is not fully unpredictable, by applying tools and techniques traders can predict the market movements to some extent. The analyzing market direction had been started since a long time ago. The history behind the development of Elliott Waves theory is quite interesting. After noticing repetitive patterns in the market, Ralph Nelson Elliott began studying … Continue reading “Introduction To Elliott Waves Theory For Beginners”

How To Trade FTSE 100 Index (Footsie) With Free Tools?

The FTSE 100 Index, also called FTSE 100, FTSE, or, casually, the “footsie”/ˈfutsiː/, is a benchmark index of the 100 top companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with the highest business promotion. It is a one of the most actively traded stock indices. In this post we will discuss how to trade FTSE 100 … Continue reading “How To Trade FTSE 100 Index (Footsie) With Free Tools?”