Secrets Of A Pivot Boss PDF Review

Secrets Of A Pivot Boss

Secrets Of A Pivot Boss PDF ebook is the most complete book on pivot-associated trading concepts. Whether or not you’re a real-time trader, swing trader, positional trader, or investor, you’re going to in finding a nice price in this guide. Irrespective of whatever stock markets you trade or your stage of expertise. The article is all about the review of the book.

Frank Ochoa has analyzed the market days during the last 12 years. He has cultivated the tactics in this e-book right into a wonderful artwork. The usage of his techniques can benefit traders immensely. The ideas in this e-book will assist you to turn out to be an extra professional and assured trader. Skilled traders use instruments that are based totally on basic terms of value, which is a number one indicator in their personal category.

About the Author – Franklin Ochoa

Franklin Ochoa, an expert in financial trading and the esteemed author of “Secrets of a Pivot Boss,” stands as a true luminary of knowledge and motivation. His life chronicle embodies the concept of “pivoting,” which he fervently expounds upon. Similar to a vessel that alters its course to circumvent a tempest, Franklin underwent several pivotal moments in his life to ascend to the peak of success that he presently relishes.

His odyssey is akin to a thrilling rollercoaster with unexpected twists and turns that kept him teetering on the brink of uncertainty. He braved numerous crises and deftly navigated turbulent waters to emerge as a triumphant figure. His other technical works, including “Profiting with Pivot-Based Moving Averages,” serve as a testament to his comprehensive grasp of the financial market and his adroitness in conveying intricate concepts with finesse.

Franklin’s writing style mimics a harmonious symphony, with each note expertly orchestrated to produce a cohesive melody. His employment of figurative language resembles an enchanting dance that ensnares the reader’s attention. His writing is suffused with vivid imagery that vividly illustrates the financial realm and the hurdles faced by traders. He employs suspense and foreshadowing to captivate the reader, much like a skilled magician who commands the attention of his audience with ease.

What you can learn from the book?

In this e-book Secrets of a Pivot Boss PDF, we can uncover the most effective reversal signs. Learn together with the Cash Zone, Floor Pivots, Virgin POC, and the Camarilla Equation. While you may have studied forms of pivots in the past, Frank Ochoa provides a fresh perspective. This can only be described as a truly unique approach to playing these amazing levels for profit. You’ll learn powerful concepts like Two-Day Pivot Relationships, Pivot Width Forecasting, Pivot Trend Analysis, and Multiple Pivot Hot Zones.

You learn not only about incredible pivot relationships but also divulge his best trading secrets. That includes Powerful Candlestick Setups, the Types of Trading Days, the Types of Buyers and Sellers, etc. It also includes Powerful Setups and Proprietary Indicators. Frank also provides the actual formula code to each of the scripts that he’s written and covered in the book! Secrets of a Pivot Boss brings a fresh approach to these powerful concepts that you will not find anywhere else.

Where to Buy the Book – Secrets Of A Pivot Boss

You can easily buy the book from Amazon bookstore. Here, I provide you with a link to buy the book below.

Click the image above to order the book from Amazon

Secrets Of A Pivot Boss PDF (Pivot Boss MT4 Formula)

We have developed a nice Metatrader (MT4) indicator as described by Frank Ochoa in Secrets of a Pivot Boss PDF. The indicator will tell you in advance what are the likely supports and resistance and how to trade successfully with hidden pivots. Check the image below for more details. Click on the image for a larger view.

Secrets Of A Pivot Boss PDF

You can download and use the following Metatrader (MT4) formula by clicking the download link here.

And now you will instantly see supports and resistances appear in the charts that look invisible to normal eyes. The above image shows what the setup looks like.


As we come to the end of this review, it is clear that the “Secrets of a Pivot Boss” PDF and MT4 formula hold great potential for traders seeking to take their skills to the next level. However, much like a seed that requires nurturing before it can bloom into a beautiful flower, these tools require dedication and discipline to yield fruitful results.

It is ironic that the very secrets which may bring traders success can also be their downfall if not properly understood and utilized. Just as a ship may be guided safely to shore by a lighthouse, these tools can guide traders to success if used wisely. But if misused or misunderstood, they can lead one astray as a wayward sailor lost at sea.

The imagery of a garden comes to mind, where the Pivot Boss PDF and MT4 formula serves as the fertilizer and water that nourish the plants. But a garden must be tended to and protected from pests and other threats. Similarly, traders must also carefully monitor their positions and adjust their strategies accordingly.

In the end, it is up to the individual trader to decide whether to embrace the secrets of a Pivot Boss or to continue on their current path. But for those willing to put in the effort and take calculated risks, the potential rewards may be as grand as a soaring eagle riding a thermal updraft, free to explore the vast expanse of the market with confidence and clarity.

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