Journey of Ashu Sehrawat: From Novice to Millionaire Stock Trader

The Journey of Ashu Sehrawat

If you’re new, to the world of stock trading and seeking inspiration you’ve come to the place. Two years back I was impressed by a budding trader. Let me introduce you to Ashu Sehrawat, a self-made millionaire who has made an impact on the Indian stock market. In this article, we’ll take a dive into Ashu Sehrawat’s journey – from his early introduction to entrepreneurship and finally to his transformation into a successful day trader and swing trader. Hence, get ready for a friendly exploration of his experiences, strategies and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way. We will also check his current status, which means is he able to sustain himself for the long term.

Early Exposure of Ashu Sehrawat to Entrepreneurship and Stock Market

A Glimpse into the Family Background of Ashu Sehrawat

Ashu Sehrawats entry into the world of stock trading was not a coincidence; it was influenced by his exposure to entrepreneurship, within his family. His father, an individual, skillfully built and managed a business. As that business prospered Ashu’s father also decided to venture into the stock market using a strategy known as “buy and hold ” which is often favoured by blue chip investors.

The Spark of Interest

Ashu being a person noticed something his father was generating profits in the stock market. This observation sparked his curiosity. This also fueled a desire to understand how the stock market works and explore its potential.

Initial Struggles of Ashu Sehrawat: The Penny Stock Chat Room

The Breakout Strategy

With excitement, Ashu Sehrawat embarked on his stock trading journey when he was 18 years old. He was eager to delve into the world of stocks. To gain insights and trading ideas he joined a chat room focused on penny stocks where the prevailing strategy was to invest in stocks. Buying stocks that were poised for a price surge seemed like an approach.

The Harsh Reality

However, Ashu soon realized the market was not as forgiving as he had anticipated. Moreover, the breakout strategy resulted in a series of disappointments. Every time Ashu invested in a stock it seemed that the market conspired against him leading to losses. The dream of achieving success, in the stock market fell away.

Turning Point in the Life of Ashu Sehrawat: Discovering Short Selling

Learning from Successful Traders

Unfazed by setbacks Ashu Sehrawat decided to take a step and reevaluate his trading approach. This is where his journey took a turn. He started studying the strategies employed by traders, like Derrick, Eric and Phil in an online blog chat room.

The Art of Short Selling

By observing and asking questions Ashu discovered a trading technique called short selling. He also encountered traders who were betting against stocks that they believed reached an extreme. Finally, this revelation had an impact, on Ashu’s trading career.

Developing Trading Criteria

From Chaos to Order

Ashu’s newfound enthusiasm for selling was exciting. He recognized the importance of having a structured approach to his trades. Moreover, he understood that consistency required a set of trading criteria.

Focusing on Weaknesses

He decided to narrow his focus towards stocks associated with managed companies, those burdened with debt and those prone to providing misleading information. This systematic approach began shaping his trading strategy at the right time.

Lessons for Aspiring Traders from the Journey of Ashu Sehrawat

The Power of Patience and Selectiveness

One of the lessons Ashu Sehrawat learned during his journey to success was the significance of patience and being selective. These qualities proved essential in maximizing profits especially as he embraced a strategy biased towards selling.

The Contribution of Ashu Sehrawat to the Trading Community

The Trading Fever Blog and

Ashu Sehrawat’s evolution from a trader to a millionaire stock trader didn’t end with success alone. He also realized the importance of sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. Therefore, to accomplish this he created the Trading Fever Blog and the website However, when I checked it now, this blog is unavailable.

A Wealth of Resources has become a go-to destination, for individuals interested in the stock market. It provides a wealth of resources, tips and insights for both novice and amateur traders and investors. Ashu’s objective is to demystify the stock market and assist others in embarking on their trading journeys.


Who is Ashu Sehrawat?

Ashu Sehrawat is a self-made millionaire and successful stock trader based in India. He gained recognition for his achievements as a day trader and swing trader in the Indian stock market. Ashu Sehrawat’s journey from a novice trader to a millionaire has inspired many in the trading community, and traders also know him for sharing his knowledge through the Trading Fever platform and blog.

Who is India’s No. 1 trader?

The title of India’s number 1 trader often alternates among several top-performing traders, due to market fluctuations and variations in trading styles. However, Late Shri Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, popularly known as the ‘Warren Buffet of India’, was frequently recognized for his remarkable successes in Indian stock markets.

Who is the richest option trader in India?

Although exact wealth valuations can be difficult to ascertain in India’s dynamic stock market, a leading figure known for profitable options trading is Dhananjay Sharma. With decades of experience and careful strategizing under his belt, he has earned significant profits from options markets, securing him a spot among the wealthiest traders in this category.

Conclusion: Your Path to Success

To sum up, Ashu Sehrawat’s inspiring journey from being a person to becoming a self-made millionaire stock trader showcases the opportunities presented by the Indian stock market. His story serves as a guiding light for newcomers in the trading world instilling hope and providing guidance. However, I am not sure that he could sustain his profitability as nowadays I get very little information about him.

As you embark on your trading journey remember the significance of perseverance learning from setbacks and developing a defined trading strategy. Whether you’re interested in day trading swing trading or long-term investing Ashu Sehrawat’s tale reminds us that with dedication and adopting the approach success in the stock market is, within reach.

So get ready stay informed and brace yourself for navigating through the thrilling realm of stock trading. Overall, who knows perhaps your journey could become a captivating story, in the realm of finance!

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