How To Use Three Line Break Chart Strategy?

Line break charts OR price break charts are a special form of charts which reflects the sentiment better than a normal candlestick chart. A three-line break chart is a specific chart where a reversal box is formed only after the price breaks the high or low of last 3 previous boxes. Three line break chart … Continue reading “How To Use Three Line Break Chart Strategy?”

How to Predict Support Resistance with NSE Options Data

This post is a re-written version of the original post written on 2017. The topic is still very much important for Indian traders. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) provides daily data after market hours. These data are available in different formats. We also get live data on options chain of indices and stocks. Through proper … Continue reading “How to Predict Support Resistance with NSE Options Data”

Amibroker AFL Code S&R With Pivots Download Link

Before beginning, one thing should be clear to you, our previous article on Pivot Point is quite different from today’s Pivot support-resistance. Hence, Pivot is a totally separate concept. The pivot point is a calculated Pivot while today’s topic covers Structural Pivot or often refers to Bar Count Reversals. At the end of the article, … Continue reading “Amibroker AFL Code S&R With Pivots Download Link”

Crude Oil Scalping With Parabolic SAR Indicator

This is almost a holy grail trading system. I have tested this strategy for some time now and I found this strategy can give you at least 80% accuracy. Let me introduce my Crude Oil scalping system with Parabolic SAR indicator for at least 20 points of profits per day. What is a scalping trading … Continue reading “Crude Oil Scalping With Parabolic SAR Indicator”

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Demo, Review And Comparison

Zerodha, the pioneer among the discount brokers in India, has a quite popular mobile app for its customers. The name of the app is Kite. It is also available in the web version also. We will review the new version of Zerodha Kite mobile app 3.0. find ways for Zerodha Kite mobile app download and … Continue reading “Zerodha Kite Mobile App Demo, Review And Comparison”

7 Simple Scalping Trading Strategies

The financial market includes different styles of trading, such as Intraday, Swing trading, Positional trading, Scalping. The traders who are engaged in Scalping trading, known as Scalper. The prominent trading strategy is applied by both institutional and retail traders. Basically, scalping indicates quick small returnable trades. In this article, we will go through scalping trading … Continue reading “7 Simple Scalping Trading Strategies”

How to Find Blasting Stocks with T3B Trading System India

A powerful stock trading or commodity trading strategy revealed in the name of the T3B Trading System. TTTB OR Track The Trend Breakthrough OR T3B trading system India, a foolproof system you can use to gain a massive amount of cash through the stock or commodity market using just 15 minutes of your time each … Continue reading “How to Find Blasting Stocks with T3B Trading System India”

What Is A Circuit In Stock Market?

Time to time we hear this stock has hit upper circuit OR that stock has hit lower circuit OR that stock has upper froze. So what exactly is freezing or circuit in the stock market? The market price is based on sentiments. In case of sudden news OR extreme euphoria single-sided the sentiment can become … Continue reading “What Is A Circuit In Stock Market?”

Indian Stock Market During Election Years

So the Loksabha election result of India for the year 2019 will be declared next week. We all know that results will be out on 23rd May. The last phase of election is going to be held tomorrow, i.e, 19th May and the exit polls will be out on Sunday, i.e, 20th May. So let … Continue reading “Indian Stock Market During Election Years”