How to Make Rs. 7500 Profit From Nifty Future Trading?

This topic will be on Nifty future trading. In this article we will show how to earn a handsome return from trading Nifty. Remember intraday trading with same setup is not possible on everyday. The setup shown in this post works very well on trend days.

How to Make Rs. 7500 Profit per Day From Nifty Future Trading?

Here, come to the practical part of the content. To some of the people, the question seems so unrealistic but I can show you how easily you can make it possible. You only need basic knowledge regarding some of the technical indicators like the super trend, candlesticks, MACD.

Those who are avoiding future trading for insufficient capital, they can easily afford Zerodha platform as there margin facility is available. In equity & Index futures, MIS margin: 45% & 35%.

Now, let’s have a look at the followings charts and some of the easy steps by which even newbies can easily earn minimum this much amount within a few minutes. Here, I’ve done my analysis by Zerodha (India’s one of the Top Technical analysis platform).

Steps 1:

Set up 30 min chart of nifty future with 14 periods and 1.5 multipliers Supertrend. The section I’ve highlighted is a bullish candle from where buy signal was generated. Besides identifying the super trend buying signal, make sure the MACD also in a positive direction. Then, you need to take entry at that buying candle. Suppose we enter at the closing price of the candle 11,752.

Nifty Future Trading

Step 2:

Now, open another chart with 5 min and set 10 periods and 3 multiplier Supertrend. Watch the signal until it appears red. See the chart below, the entire trading hours is on the buying signal. So, here you can book your profit at the end of the trading hour. Suppose, here you can exit at the last candle of the day (3.15pm), the closing price 11852. So, there you can exit or close your order.

Nifty Future Trading

Now, see how much profit you can make from it. (Exit at 11852- Entry at 11752) = 100 points.

So, the calculation is quite clear here, as the Nifty FUT lot is 75. The total profit will be (100 x 75) = Rs.7500.

Within Few trading hours, you can make, RS. 7500 from your home only. Now, tell me, who don’t want it to make such a huge profit within a day just by clicking buttons from mobile or laptop?

Now, you may ask, Why can’t we choose same Supertrend in both the time-frame for Nifty Future trading?

Yes, you can work on both of the 5 min and 30 min script with 14 periods and 1.5 multipliers. In that case, the profit will be limited. In the chart below, the highlighted candle is the 1st candle of selling signal. You need to exit at that point 11773. So, here, the profit will be (11773-11751) = 22 Total profit (75 x 22) = 1650. You can earn this much amount within an hour or so.

Nifty Future Trading


So, now you can understand that earning money from the share market is not so tough. You need to follow 2 steps only to get a huge profit from the market. Next, we will come with other content which will guide you to make easy money from equity and commodity also.

Amibroker Software Review, Demo, Download Instructions

You may find different articles on Technical analysis and trading terminals on our site. Most of the trading terminals provide extra benefit for technical analysis. So, for obvious reason, there is always a prominent gap between a professional and a normal charting platform. For example, suppose you love cycling, you will definitely find a prominent difference between a local brand cycle and an advanced featured latest sports cycle. Here also, Amibroker or in short form AB individually a professional charting platform, more advanced than any random trading charting terminals. It is a highly paid software, used for advanced technical analysis. If you are a technical analyst, we will make your route quite easier through this article. Here, you can find Amibroker Software Review, Demo, Download Instructions.

First, you need to understand why we choose AB only. There are numerous professional charting platforms available in the market but Amibroker is considered as one of the best Technical analysis tools in the world. The explanation behind the statement is given below step by step. So, let’s begin.

What is Amibroker?

Amibroker is the most powerful and ultra-fast technical analysis program. The advanced analytics platform provides full-featured exploration tools which help traders to make a huge profit and stay ahead of the crowd. It consists of real-time charting, strong back-testing tool, scanning and many more features which allow traders to trade successfully in every way.

Amibroker Software Review

Amibroker Software Review (Updated Features Lists)

In the share market, there is no limit on up-gradation. Those who have more data are always one step ahead in the profit-making ladder. So, you can upgrade your trading to the next level by using this software. Let’s have a look at Amibroker software review.

Powerful Charting and Drawing Tools

This is the most important point in Amibroker software review. It has standard and accurate chart style along with the features of drawing tools. As per traders preference, customization, combined and overlaid options are there. Apart from the advance customization option, multi-time frame present in the chart. More than a hundred popular builds in indicators such as RSI, MACD, Stochastics, ADX, etc are the strength of the charging system.

Amibroker Software Demo

Analytical Window

Another special feature of Amibroker is its analytical window. The window is considered as a home to optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, walk-forward testing, and backtesting. Cross-correlation among different symbols is present there. Traders can explore the charting platform in many ways.

AFL scanning

Scanning and Exploration

Analytical window comprised of both scanner and exploration. These are the real-time screening tools and one of the most useful features. You can screen stocks by BUY, SELL, SHORT, COVER conditions. Exploration is used mainly to screen stocks by generic filter conditions. Besides this, in exploration tool, multiple customs are available.

Monte Carlo Simulation

No one can predict the market with 100% surety. Therefore, traders must be prepared for the worst scenario. The Monte Carlo Simulation check trades’ probabilities in the difficult market condition and peeks the possible results.

Monte Carlo

3D Optimization Chart

3D optimization chart helps to find out parameter combination which can develop the best and most reliable result. Here, also customization option, rotation, animation, an angle watch are available.

Gradient Chart and Market Profile

Here, charts are displayed as a gradient chart. On the extreme left side, there is a volume-at-price chart. It allows traders to identify price levels with the highest trading volume.

Optimum Parameter Value

Finding out best-performing stocks can be difficult for many of the traders. So, to search for huge spaces in limited time, one can use Amibroker’s smart artificial intelligence optimization.

Ranking and Scoring

Depending on the positioned score, the software performs bar to bar analysis. If multiple signals occur on a single bar during the run out of buying power, Amibroker performs bar-by-bar ranking (based on user-definable position score).

Easy to Develop Own Formulas

In Amibroker either one can use a drag-and-drop interface or apply own formula. Though the first method is quite simple and straightforward, many technical analysts like to choose the second one. The formula language is termed as AFL (Amibroker Formula Language). In order to create your own custom indicator, you need to learn some simple formulas or code. If you go step by step. these codes are not too difficult to understand. To learn the coding is important, as it can be used for trading system design, optimization, exploration, scanning, and back-testing.

Amibroker Software Review Signals

AFL (Amibroker Formula Language)

From version 3.0, they introduced AFL. It allows traders to customize indicators, trading design, scanning, back-testing, commentaries. Now, let’s have a quick look at the four most popular AFL, these are Intraday AFL, Rocket Jet AFL, Trader Pro AFL, Buy Sell Signal AFL.

What are the Services Amibroker Offer to its Customers?

Besides the above features, Amibroker has multiple services. We are describing them below:

  • Amiquote Data: The quality of data is high enough in all segment of the market (equity, commodity, Futures, Options, Currency). Timings presentation is accurate. You can get Amiquote data from Amibroker.
  • Customer Support: It’s online technical support system carries an excellent rating. The support line also remains open in all the five working days.
  • Amibroker AFL’s: One can customize and create his own formula by using AFL (Amibroker Formula Language).
  • Members Area: Amibroker members area is only available for those who have purchased the software from the official site.

For your knowledge purpose next, we are going to provide updated features of Amibroker 6.0. Here is the list.

Amibroker Demo for Version 6.0 (What’s New in It?)

  • There is an integrated high-performance Monte Carlo simulator. This has cumulative distribution charts of equity, max drawdowns, support for custom user-definable metrics. It has the ability to perform MC simulator driven optimizations.
  • Full Matrix support (two-dimensional arrays) in AFL with direct native matrix arithmetic (matrix operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, transpose, etc). You can see Matrix, MxIdentity, MxTranspose, Mx GetSize
  • Detailed data of Buy-and-hold (benchmark) statistics automatically added to the backtest reports.
  • User defined stop precedence (SetStopPrecedence function) and also stop validity (ValidFrom/ValidTo parameters in ApplyStop function)
  • Sparse array support: that is SparseCompress and SparseExpand
  • It has Infinite Impulse Response filter function (IIR) for efficient implementation of higher-order smoothing algorithms
  • Raw text output in explorations via AddRow function also there.
  • New styles which are supported by Exploration XYCharts
  • Variable period Percentile functions are present.
  • Unicode (UCN) support in PlotText, PlotTextSetFont, GfxDrawText, GfxTextOut, chart titles, interpretations and commentary windows ( which allows various graphics annotations / windings )
  • New Low-level graphics functions also present.

To get the Amibroker 6 PDF guide, Click on the link here.

Why You Should Not Use Amibroker Crack Version?

As this is mainly an Amibroker software review, we expect users to be cautious while using a crack version. For obvious reasons, there are some disadvantages to the crack version. Here, is the list:

  • Crack version may cause a sudden crash or license error.
  • Users can’t get all the features with the crack version.
  • If all users begin to use the crack version, then Amibroker will stop updating.
  • Crack version will not get any official support from the Amibroker service.
  • Users who use crack version of Amibroker will not get FREE Amiquote data while license users can get it at Free of cost.

Amibroker Download Instructions

You may go to the official website to get the download link. This is the most authentic site to download it.

Amibroker Software Review Demo

As you can see in the above information that Amibroker 6.30 is available to registered customers only. Amibroker 6.00 can be downloaded by registered as well as non-registered users. Two editions are there, professional and standard editions. With the installation, you will get add-on programs like Amiquote, AFL code Wizard, you don’t need to be download separately.

Trading Systems in Amibroker

There are various trading systems in Amibroker. If you want to know about the systems, you may check our Trend Blaster Trading systems.

AmiBroker FAQ

What is the use of Amibroker?

AmiBroker is the world’s renowned charting and trading platform. It is mainly used worldwide for charting and trading system development. It is also very helpful in backtesting a trading system. However, in some cases, traders can attach it to their broker’s platform for automated trading.

What is the cost of Amibroker?

There are 3 versions of the software. The standard edition costs $279, the professional edition costs $339 and the ultimate pack pro costs $499. All these purchases contain 24 months of free upgrade and support.

Which is better MetaStock vs Amibroker?

AmiBroker is highly popular among stock market traders all over the world due to its ease of use. It is a simple and lightweight software than MetaStock. The data charges are also much less as compared to MetaStock. Overall it is a value for money.

How much does Amibroker cost in India?

Right now no one is authorized to resell AmiBroker in India. So Indian traders also need to purchase it from the official website. So Indians need to pay $279 for the standard edition, $339 for the professional edition and $499 for the ultimate pack pro.

What is AmiBroker AFL?

AFL stands for AmiBroker formula language. With the help of this language, one can code their trading logics into a full-fledged trading system. AFL is easy to learn and easy to write. For traders with little or no coding knowledge, there is a simple AFL code wizard.

Does AmiBroker work on Mac?

No, it does not work. This is a windows software and does not have an apple mac version. But there is a simple hack. Mac users can use utilities like parallels desktop to run windows applications on Mac. Using this hack they can also run AmiBroker on their MAC system.

How do I add NSE stock to AmiBroker?

You can add NSE stocks in AmiBroker in 2 ways. Either download NSE stocks data using built-in utilities like AmiQuote. Or you can purchase third party data for NSE symbols and add them to your favorite charting platform.

Zerodha Kite 3.0 – Login, Demo, Download, Tutorial

The article is the ultimate guide of Zerodha kite 3.0, a trading and charting platform of Zerodha (India’s No 1 Discount Broker). Here, you can do trading and charting analysis simultaneously. Previously, we’ve written an article on Zerodha kite mobile app. First, we will describe the tools and features in detail. After that, we provide a brief charting description here.

How to get Zerodha Kite 3.0 Platform?

Making a Profit is just one step away from you. If you still don’t have an account in Zerodha, open now and Start making a profit. Here is the LINK TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH ZERODHA and get FREE access of ZERODHA KITE.

zerodha account

Many traders ask me the Zerodha Kite 3.0 download link for windows. There is a serious misconception among traders. Let’s begin with the features of the kite.

Zerodha Kite 3.0 – Charting And Trading Combined

New Dashboard:

Zerodha’s new Kite offers you brand new dashboard. Here you can see your account summary and scrips at a glance. Also, you can see your favorite scrip here and place a buy-sell order without adding it to the market watch.

zerodha kite web 2.0

Market Depth Window

First of all, I am going to cover the definition or function of the market depth window. This window is also referred to as the snap quote window. On Zerodha Kite one can get the market depth option with each selected script. Multiple MD windows can be opened in Zerodha Kite. Just move your cursor on the script you select, you can get the market depth besides buying and selling option. It is an updated reflection of real-time market activity or an overall presentation of market movements. This window not only displays the overview of current market strength but also helps traders to evaluate the market activity.

In Zerodha Kite, the information one can get through Market Depth window is bid price and offer price with orders and quantity. Along with this, open, high, low, close, the average price, volume, LTQ (last traded quantity), LTT (last traded time). In order to clarify the subject more easily, I am giving an image of the Market Depth window option from Zerodha Kite.

market depth window

The above image is given here as an example. As you can see that besides B (buy) and S (sell) option you can find market depth windows. Step by step I am going to describe the available information in MD windows.

Bid price:

This refers to the price a buyer is willing to pay for a security at the bid price. The window shows the best five bid prices with orders and quantity.

Offer price:

The price at which sellers are willing to sell securities. MD displays the best five offer price as well with orders and quantity.

Therefore, the bid price highlighted in blue and offer price highlighted in red. As we can see in the above statement that the offer price is more than the bid price. I have already mentioned that the bid price refers to the buy price and the offer price is the selling price. Hence, when the offer price is more than the bid price that indicates the market is going down and when the bid price is up, the market is in a bullish trend.

From the other information like open, high, low, close, volume, LTT, LTQ traders can evaluate any security and analyze the price. It shows not only where the price is now, but where it is likely to be in the near future.

So, the Market depth window plays a significant role in the online trading account. Traders can fully utilize the option to monitor current market price movements.

zerodha kite bracket order
zerodha kite holdings positions


Kite has an advanced order section. Here you will get different types of orders like MIS (intraday), CNC (Cash and carry), Market, Limit, SL, SL-M (Stop loss market), etc. Under the advance section, traders can get BO, CO which are described below. Apart from this, there are AMO (aftermarket order), IOC (immediate or cancel order), etc.

Bracket And Cover Orders:

We are really happy to finally see Bracket Order (BO) and Cover Order (CO) in the kite. Just open a normal order window and click on More Options to open the BO and CO features. For example, you want to buy Nifty at 7915 with a stop loss at 7900 (15 points) and a target at 7945 (30 points), than in price write 7915, in stop-loss write 15 and in square off write 30. Check the image below:

Holding & Positions Section:

Check your positions and holding in the single mouse click. Export to excel with ease. New Zerodha Kite 3.0 contains many useful features. The position shows the current profit-loss statement of daily trading. If you work with CNC (Cash and carry), your script will be shown on the holding section after 24 hours.

zerodha positions

Fund Transfer

From the Terminal

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Transfer Funds in Zerodha Kite 3.0?

  1. Login to Kite and click on FUNDS menu

    First, you need to login to your trading account. On the top right click on FUNDS among the menus. This will take you to the Funds page.Zerodha-Kite-Fund-Transfer

  2. Adding or withdrawing funds

    You will be able to see two big buttons – ADD FUNDS & WITHDRAW. Clicking on ADD FUNDS will open another window where you will get options to add funds. In the ADD FUNDS page, you can put Payment Gateway/Bank, Segment (Equity OR Commodity), Account No and Amount In Figure (Rs.).Zerodha-Kite-Add-Funds

  3. Net Banking

    If your bank account is linked to your trading account then the payment gateway and account number will be auto-filled once you select the mapped bank from the drop-down. Fill up the amount you want to transfer and click submit and you will be transferred to your net banking page where you can complete the transaction. Similarly clicking on WITHDRAW will take you to the page where you can choose how much money to withdraw from which segment (Equity OR Commodity).

From the Mobile App

If you want to transfer funds from Zerodha Kite mobile app you can access the Funds option by clicking on the top left menu option. Check the image below:


However from the mobile app, you can deposit funds to your trading account, but you will not be able to withdraw funds as of now.


Once you open the home screen, it opens with MarketWatch on the left and center of the screen is occupied with information on your balance in Equity and Commodity, how much has been used in trading, total account values in both the sections, margin used, realized a profit and so on. Above the center of the screen, there are buttons like Dashboard, Orderbook, Holdings, Position, Funds, Apps and your account besides buttons for add fund and withdraw.

zerodha kite chart

To open a Zerodha Kite chart, one has to select a scrip from Marketwatch. On selecting the scrip, a drop-down menu appears and there is a chart button there. Select the chart button and there appear a few buttons to customize the chart. First is the time button to which you can adjust your preference for the time frame. The time frame appears in 1min (minute), 3min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, hour, 1d (day), 1w (week), 1mo (month).

Features of Zerodha Kite 3.0 Charts

Web-based charts so can be accessed from PC, mobile and tabs. Out of any office firewall, so log in and see free real-time charts of your favorite scrip right from your office. Trade full time from your office. One single search box to right away hunt countless instruments and contracts over all fragments and trades. Stay informed regarding different instruments with spilling quotes and market profundity data conveyed with HTML5 WebSockets.

Moment warnings for order execution, cancelation, and modifications. Submit a request and sit tight for the orange dot! An undeniable RESTful API that uncovered every one of the platform’s functionalities. Put in, adjust, drop requests, force positions, property, and exchange data, oversee reserves, all with the straightforward HTTP API. Kite web adjusts to mobile screens while as yet empowering full access to every one of the platform’s elements.

Now we can get tick by tick, free real-time charts of NSE, MCX in Kite. Check the screenshot below for the Live Nifty futures chart.

Zerodha Kite Charts

Many studies to choose from. Get all major indicators, all candle types, Renko charts, range bar charts, super trend, pivot points, volume profile and many more. Check the screenshot below:

Zerodha Kite 3.0

Different Types of Candles in Zerodha Kite 3.0

After you select the time frame goes to the display button to select the chart style and choose from Candlestick/ Bar/ Line/ Coloured Bar/ Hollow Candle/ Mountain/ baseline/ Volume Candle. In addition, there is a preference button for Chart Preference like Log Scale/ Continuous Scale. In the same menu, one can also customize the chart types from Heiken Ashi/ Renko/ Point & Figure/ Kagi/ Range Bars/ Line Break with settings button beside these. say one wants to set the range of Renko bars and wants to see the Renko Chart, whenever the setting button is clicked, a menu appears asking to put your preferred range or choose Auto Select to view it in default mode.


Zerodha Kite 3.0 chart also offers the Studies button which allows the user to choose from a big array of technical charts. Though we have shown two Supertrend Charts and imposed one on another, you can choose anything you wish and make a trading system from that, like DMA/ EMa crossover, Bollinger Bands, Keltner Channel, a combination of MACD and Williams%R, RSI – all at your own wish. One can also save chart preference or clear preference through View/ Layout button.

Candlestick Chart Pattern:

The pattern forms with different types of candlesticks. Each candlestick provides important information. It has a main body that indicates opening and closing price, use in two different colors to distinguish bearish candles from the bullish. Shadows indicate the high and low price for a specific period of time. There are lots of candlesticks pattern, you can find full description regarding candlestick chart pattern in our site.

Different Types of Chart Style

Bar Chart:

Before the introduction of the candlestick, the bar chart was the most widely used chart pattern. It is a versatile and basic pattern. In this type, each bar represents a single unit in time, a min, an hour, a day, etc. Each bar consists of three parts such as the central line, the left mark or tick, the right mark/tick. It also refers to as OHLC charts (open-high-low-close). In this type, some charting application uses color to indicate a bullish or bearish trend. To clarify the chart pattern in an easy way I am going to describe the three components of a bar.

  1.  The central line- The top of the vertical line represents the highest price of a security and the bottom indicates the lowest price trading.
  2. The left mark- We can see the opening price on the left side.’
  3. The right mark- The right side represents the closing price.
bar chart style

Coloured Bar:

As I have stated above that certain charting application uses color to indicate a bullish or bearish trend. A colored bar has almost the same characteristics as a normal bar pattern. The only difference is the bar represents a bearish and bullish trend by application of two different colors. You can identify the trend more easily by following the pattern.

coloured bar

Line Chart Style:

The line chart style is slightly different from the bar and candlestick pattern. In the above two patterns, we can identify opening, closing, high and low prices separately but in the line chart style, we connect a series of data together to form a line. Unlike the other pattern, it only represents the closing price over a set period of time, doesn’t represent the visual information of the trading range. The advantage of the pattern is its simplicity, with a glance trader can get an overall view of the trend.

line charts

Hollow Candle:

In normal candlestick when the candle is green or bullish, the close is higher than the previous close. A red candle defines a bearish trend where the close is lower than the prior close. Though color is not a factor, you can change the colors according to your wish. Now come to the hollow candle, a candlestick is hollow (white) when the close is above the open, bullish trend and filled when the close is below the open, indicates a bearish trend.

hollow candle

Mountain Pattern:

This chart appears like a mountain. It is a similar line pattern that the area under the graph is shaded in color. It doesn’t serve any additional purpose for the technical analysis. Like the line graph, it represents the closing price of a security. Mountain chart also refers to as area charts. The application of the style is useful for understanding fluctuation in prices more easily and prominent way. Financial newspapers also often use this specific pattern to their analytical report.

mountain style


This is one of the most useful chart styles to read price fluctuation properly. You can change the baseline according to your demand. Just drag the baseline level according to you to get an accurate view of price movements. It appears like a line chart with a baseline. Due to the addition of the baseline, the chart becomes more prominent.


Volume Candle:

This candle is extremely useful in determining the strength of a trend. Increase volume defines the sustaining of the trend. Just like a normal candlestick chart it also has a filled or unfilled body with tails along with volume. This specific combination helps to study candlestick patterns in combination with their volume. Short candlestick indicates uncertainty while high volume indicates increased interest of the traders to exit or enter the position of any security. The trend might reverse.

volume candle

These are some of the widely used different types of chart styles. By using these traders can analyze market movements and compare current price fluctuation with past data. The most primary objective before technical analysis is familiar with all the above charts to understand the market properly.

zerodha kite holdings positions

How to Open Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite 3.0 in Single Window?

First of all, let’s get one thing clear that only kite users can access the multiple charts option and get the benefits. Only after login in Zerodha kite by id and password, the account will be activated. After activation of the account users can get facilities, provided by Zerodha.

How to Find the Multiple Charts Option?

  • First, you have to decide on which stocks or securities you need to work on.
  • Select the securities and add them to the market watch window.
  • After adding them, also open the Chart option
  • The up-right side of the Chart window, you will find Display.
  • In the Display section, there are Multiple Charts.

For the understanding purpose, an image is attached below:

Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite

As you can see in the above attachment that there are two options under multiple charts, 2 Charts, and 4 Charts.

  • When you click on the 2 charts options, a small window will be opened.
  • There you can get the chance to select two stocks on which you want to work on.
  • Make sure the stocks are already added to the market watch.
multiple charts window

For example, here I added in Chart 1 Union Bank and in Chart 2 Federal Bank. After adding click on the Done button, a new window will be opened with 2 charts.

multiple charts in one window

From the same window, users can change each chart’s settings separately.

In order to set 4 charts in a single window, users need to follow the same steps as 2 charts.

4 charts
4 charts in a window

The process of setting the Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite is quite easy. The facility is totally a useful concept.

Benefits of Using Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite

  • Traders can analysis a maximum of 4 securities in a single window.
  • Less time consuming for monitoring the market.
  • Intraday traders can get maximum benefits by using it.
  • Users can easily compare 4 charts at a glance.

More features in Zerodha Kite 3.0:

  • Introduction of many new indicators
  • Advanced SuperTrend indicator
  • Ichimoku indicator
  • Volume profile
  • Compare option between 2 stocks
  • Kite connect option available for automated trading with Amibroker, Excel or Python
  • Chart pop up option available for using multiple charts at a time

How to start auto trading in Zerodha Kite API?

Let us now discuss on how one can start automated trading with the Kite platform of Zerodha.

  • Zerodha Kite API: You can use Zerodha Kite API also known as Kite Connect (programmatic access to trading). Kite Connect is India’s first market API for retail clients. Kite connect can be used by individuals, kite publishers (webmasters) and start-ups.
  • Technical knowhow: You can trade with your favorite programming language Python, Java, PHP, NodeJS, C#, .Net, etc using Zerodha’s exchange approved HTTP/JSON APIs.
  • Exchange approval: Clients do not need to take any approval from the exchange as Zerodha has already obtained all necessary permissions from the exchange.
  • The cost involved: There can be some pre-fixed monthly expenses for using Zerodha Kite API.

API Documentation and Resources

Zerodha has published documentation for the Zerodha Kite API. You can access the documentation here There is also a forum for the users of the Zerodha Kite API. Visit the forum by clicking HERE.

There are few resources in Github for developers who want to use Zerodha Kite API. You can access the official Python client library for the Kite Connect trading APIs by clicking HERE. You can access the official Java client for communicating with Kite Connect API by clicking HERE.

Apart from the auto-trading usage of market data is also available using the Kite Connect API is possible for the developers. Still, the process is in a developmental stage. Zerodha is coming up with new features almost every day. We hope very soon the auto-trading and another programmatic usage of the Zerodha Kite API will take a proper shape.

Zerodha Kite FAQ

What is Zerodha?

Zerodha is India’s topmost discount stockbroker. They started their operation in 2010 and have grown as India’s leading stockbroker in a short span of time.

What is Kite in Zerodha?

Kite is Zerodha’s HTML5 based trading terminal. The kite does not require any installation. You can simply open in your web browser and access Kite.

Can Zerodha Kite be installed in desktop OR laptop?

No, Zerodha Kite does not require any installation. You can access Kite through a web browser.

Can Kite be accessed from a mobile phone?

Yes, Kite can be accessed from mobile phones. Zerodha Kite has an android app and also an IOS app. In windows, phone Kite can be accessed through a web browser visiting

Which is best Zerodha PI vs kite?

Zerodha Pi and Kite both are different platforms catering to a different set of people. Pi needs installation and hence requires a desktop or laptop, while Kite is lightweight can be accessed even from a tab or mobile phone and can be used on the go.

Is Zerodha kite free?

Yes, we can execute bracket and cover orders in the Kite platform. Yes, Zerodha Kite is completely free for the Zerodha users. To access this platform, you need to simply open a trading and Demat account with Zerodha and once your account is activated you can access it. Yes, we can execute bracket and cover orders in the Kite platform.

Can we do Algo trading OR automated trading in Zerodha Kite?

Yes, Algo Trading OR automated trading can be done in Zerodha Kite using Kite Connect API.

Does Zerodha Kite require broadband?

No, Zerodha Kite can be used even on 2G data.

Kite 3.0 Tutorial Resources On The Web


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The next resource on the Zerodha Kite tutorial is the official ZERODHA ONLINE youtube channel. To visit the Zerodha Online youtube channel and search for “zerodha online” in the youtube search bar.


If you are interested to know more on Kite Connect then you should read the Kite Connect documentation first. It is the Zerodha Kite API for developers to trade on the kite from your favorite programs.

Zerodha Kite Login Issue

In order to run any software properly and in a genuine way, maintenance is required. Without maintenance, no software can go in a proper way. For Up-gradation purpose also client faces log in issue sometimes. First of all, in order to use the best tools and technology, clients must consider these small things. Secondly, whether it is a machine or software, each and every mechanism needs a break for better service. In spite of the services, connectivity problems occur sometimes.

In Zerodha also, clients sometimes face login issues for the above reasons. At that moment, clients can’t log in their Zerodha Demat account. Sometimes, trades also get canceled. For example, on 7th Jan 2019, Zerodha kite was closed for a few hours in the morning. After putting the password, the page displays “request failed”. A screenshot of kite log in interruption is given below:

zerodha kite login issue

How to Overcome the Zerodha Kite Login Issue?

Though the users get each and every update through message and mail from Zerodha, every client must be acquainted with the solutions of these problems. Generally, there are two solutions regarding it.

  • First of all, if the kite is not working out, you may access the Zerodha Pi. The users must be familiar with the Pi platform. It’s similar to the kite along with equipped and strong charting software, buy-sell signals, tools, etc. Users of Zerodha kite may get FREE access to Zerodha Pi.
  • Secondly, users can directly trade through the Zerodha broker over the call. For the execution of the trade, they must provide their ZPIN which they can get from the Zerodha Backoffice.

Various other Trading Platforms of Zerodha

Zerodha Pi is a windows based software and that needs installation. The download link of Zerodha Pi will be available in the trader’s back office only after his or her trading account is active. So for Zerodha Pi, a trader needs a windows desktop/ laptop/tab.

On the other hand, Zerodha Kite does not require any installation. You can access Zerodha Kite from any web browser. Simply write and you are on the Kite start page. So you can use Kite on any desktop, laptop, tab where a web browser is available. We can use Zerodha Kite without any difficulty in Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, etc. Hence it is quite popular among traders who are on the go. You can use Zerodha Kite from your office too. Kite works well even on 2G data.


Overall Zerodha Kite 3.0 has a clear edge over other broker’s platform in the point that it can be opened from any web browser and android app OR IOS app. The charting and trading are possible even on 2G data, so even traders living in tier 2 cities can also start trading using this terminal.

How To Trade Oscillator? FREE Amibroker AFL

What is an oscillator? As the name suggests the oscillator is something that oscillates. In this post, I will describe something about the advanced get oscillator. As you know that an advanced get is a software where you can understand the Elliott wave counts. But how to confirm the accuracy of the Elliott wave counts. There comes another indicator called advanced get oscillator or it is also called as Elliott Wave Oscillator. In this post, I will describe the author later as well as I will give you a free Amibroker AFL (Amibroker Formula Language) of the oscillator. Here, you will also get an idea of how to trade oscillator besides free Amibroker AFL.

Let’s start from the very basic, now we will go through the basic concept of Oscillator and its importance in the stock market.

Oscillator and Its Importance on the Stock Market

We’ve already cover Oscillator in our previous content. As it is one of the most important terms in the stock market, traders have to come across the oscillator indicator. First, we will go the basic definition of the oscillator, what the Oscillator is and how to trade oscillator.

What is Oscillator?

The term Oscillator comes from the term “Oscillates”. Literally, oscillate means move back or forth in a regular rhythm. In technical analysis platform, it acts as an indicator which indicates the future price movement. The technical analytical tool looks like a band which moves between two extreme values. The highest value is termed as the overbought and the lowest is oversold.

How to Trade Oscillator?

Generally, an oscillator is used along with other indicators in the Technical analysis. Here, the discussion point will be on the workability of the oscillator in the stock market.

  • Based on the features we can broadly divide all the oscillators into two sections, banded and centered. Traders need to know about both of the oscillator types to make their accuracy level higher.

Banded Oscillator

This banded oscillator moves within a limited range from 0 to 100. As I’ve mentioned above that oscillators oscillate between the highest and lowest value. Here, generally, 0 to 30 considered the Oversold level and 80-100 is the Overbought level. Oversold is a level where sellers are maximum and at the exit position. It gives a hint of an upcoming bearish market. So, buyers take an entry at the oversold level. The overbought level is exactly the opposite of the oversold.

banded oscillator

Centered Oscillator

This particular oscillator is not range-bounded. As the name implies, the centered oscillator fluctuates above or below the central line. During the bullish trend, the oscillator moves above the central line and the opposite happens in a bearish trend.

centered oscillator

What Is Advanced Get Oscillator?

By applying the Advanced get oscillator, traders can assume further price movement and identify the strategy accordingly.

The particular oscillator fluctuates or moves above and below its zero levels. When the bars are above zero lines, the trend is bullish. On the other side, during the bearish trend, bars are below the line and traders are looking for selling opportunities.

How To Trade The Oscillator

The above picture shows how the advanced get oscillator looks like. Traders follow some rules to get buy and sell signals.

Buy Trading using Advanced Get Oscillator

Here, we are going to state buy trade and sell trade.

Buy Trade:

Let’s have a look at the above chart. Traders can open buy order when the bars of the oscillator turns back above the zero lines from the bullish area.

Sell Trade:

The exact opposite is the sell trade. Traders can enter in a sell order when the bar turns back below the zero lines from bearish area or territory.

Elliot Wave

The advanced get oscillator helps us to judge the correctness of the Elliott Wave. Elliot wave theory was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliot to describe the price movements by fractal wave patterns. Elliot was able to describe the market in greater depth, he identified some waves structure to define the price movements. Elliot wave consists of impulse and corrective waves.

FREE Amibroker AFL elliot wave

Impulse wave:

The impulse wave consists of 5 sub waves while corrective waves consist of 3 waves. Impulse wave makes net movement in the same direction.

Corrective wave:

Corrective waves consist of 3 waves but make net movement in the direction opposite to the trend.

Wave 3 is confirmed whenever the oscillator actually picks up and also create mount like structure. The end or wave 3 and wave 4 and the beginning of web 5 can be identified whenever the oscillator is back to the zero lines. Thus a trader who is using advanced get can take a position not only based on the Elliott Wave but also he can confirm the trade with the Elliott Wave Oscillator.

Free Amibroker AFL

Download The Free AmiBroker AFL

Amibroker is one of the most popular trading software, comes with most advanced charting, scanning, optimization and many other features. Here, is the glimpse of Amibroker’s features:

  • Powerful Charting and Drawing Tools
  • Analytical Window
  • 3D Optimization Chart
  • Gradient Chart and Market Profile
  • Scoring and Ranking
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation
  • Faster Formula Language
  • Fast Performance

Now, we will provide the free Amibroker AFL of the Elliot Wave. You can download the free Amibroker AFL of the Elliott wave oscillator from below the post. You can test oscillator side by side with the advanced get the software and I have tested and found that the oscillator is almost identical to the Elliott Wave oscillator found in the actual advanced get the software.


Not only the mount like structure but also the pullback as well as the divergence is used by the traders to understand the market direction. But the divergence is not so easy to trade. So the newbies must prepare their eyes first before they start using the divergence. The best way of confirming the divergence is to use a moving average along with the oscillator. From the article, we hope traders can get an idea of how to trade oscillator.

Why Did We Change To WordPress From Blogger?

The story of our website began in 2008. I still remember those days when I started the website on the blogger platform. It was going really smooth. The address of the website was on the Blogspot platform. Then slowly I moved my website to its own domain. But then I felt the need to change the platform to something else. Because the blogger has many constraints. The major constraint was they were not allowing us to upload anything. So I transferred my website to WordPress from blogger.

First of all, we will briefly demonstrate what exactly WordPress and blogger are.

Blogger and Its Features

To WordPress From Blogger

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a Google-owned Free publishing platform. In the year 2003, Google acquired Blogger. Simply we can say that one can utilize it to create and promote blogs without having to make a big investment.


  • Some people avoid Blogger for its limited features but it’s free of cost facility and flexibility makes blogger attractive options.
  • Setting up the blogger account is easy enough. The process of creating a blog is quite simple through Blogger. First of all, you need to create an account. After that, choose a name and template.
  • Multiple blogs can be created under one account here like you want to create professional and personal blogs separately, you can create the two from here.
  • Per account, Users can sign up for a maximum of 100 blogs. Their service is available in 60 languages. The specific platform has huge international popularity in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, etc.
  • In the Google platform, the user can receive a Free domain or he can pay to buy a custom domain name.
  • As Adsense also run by Google, Bloggers get the first preference here to qualify for advertisements. User can check detailed information about his blog’s audience by applying Google’s data analytics platform, Google Analytics.


  • Blogger’s text editor is quite simple, the platform doesn’t have JavaScript.
  • Features are limited here.

WordPress and Its Features

Why We Changed To WordPress From Blogger

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system, launched in 2003. The Free and open source platform spread its wings with more than 75 million websites (as of the record of 2017). It is Free to use and can be easily modified at free of cost but the cost involved in some areas.


  • There are different ways by which one can host a WordPress website. is the hosted version, it can be run on the official WordPress server. is the self-hosted version where you can run WordPress on your own web hosting account. Here, you will have complete control over the design and, of your website.

  • WordPress is quite easy to use. User can learn WordPress by himself.
  • There you can get thousands of free and premium themes, addons, plugIns and, widgets at your disposal. So, in simple words, it is easily extensible.
  • One of the biggest advantages is it is search engine friendly.
  • It is fast, secure, scalable platform.


  • If you are users, you can face a few limitations here. You won’t have access to all of the available themes and you can’t use WordPress plugins.
  • The personal Domain name is chargeable.

Pros and Cons of Blogger:

The blogger is a nice platform for beginners. Whenever you are going to start a website blogger is fine to start. Because there is very less coding, and you can spend your time on the content generation. But the blogger does not allow you to upload files. So if you are a software developer and you want to put your software copy on your website, that your clients can download, then sorry blogger is not for you. In that case, you need a full-fledged website that has upload and download facility.

So I decided to install WordPress in my domain. WordPress is a completely active PHP website and here also you do not need any coding experience.

The main advantages to WordPress from the blogger:

  • WordPress is PHP at its best without any coding knowledge
  • It has many powerful plugins
  • You can modify your website or add new content just like blogger
  • WP also has RSS feeds just like blogger

Now, we will go through the highlighted points of the distinction between WordPress and Blogger.

Distinction Between WordPress and Blogger

wordpress vss blogger



Users can transform to look like a website or blog, slideshows, Javascript, you can also add PHP. Apart from this, one can customize the CSS file by purchasing it.


Here, also you can transform it into a website or blog and also set up slideshows, add PHP, etc. but the capabilities are quite limited. There you will get a limited number of features.

Allow Pages


In WordPress, bloggers can get unlimited pages. There are no boundaries on page limit.


Blogger has only 10 pages. One can get up to 10 pages there.



In WordPress, portability is quite easier in comparison to blogger. If you want to transfer data to another platform, the process is easy here. Besides this, if anyone wants to change the domain name of a blog or change the platform or hosting site, he or she can do it in a short time span and with much less complexity.


In blogger, it is very difficult to work on and SEO can be spoiled while transfer the data to another platform. Spoiling SEO can reduce the traffic of the site.



As WordPress is an open source software, update facilities come very often. Users can update it in their own way and improve their blogs.


In the following years, Google has not made any changes or does not bring any updates. No new adds, features, the update level is low in blogger.

Search Engine Optimization


SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of online blogs. SEO helps to increase the traffic of a website. Here also, WordPress is ahead of the blogger. There are many plugins in WordPress, these can improve the blog’s SEO easily.


As I’ve mentioned that Blogger is lagging behind WordPress. Though change has occurred in SEO in the past few years, that is not enough in comparison to WordPress.



Thousands of plugins are available in WordPress. Users can add any features as per their wish.


Here, no plugins are available. A decent range of simple features is available there.

Updated Information

The article was first published in the year 2013. We’ve updated the article according to recently available information about WordPress and Blogger. The present article contains each and every vital point regarding this.

So WordPress has all the facilities and functionalities of blogger plus you can also tweak the WordPress website as per your wish. That is the WordPress edge. Hence, in early 2013 I converted my website to WordPress from blogger. The initial days were tough. Because I lost many of my instant visitors. But slowly with the help of time, I regained my visitors back. I do give Thumbs up to WordPress.

T3B Trading System for Amibroker Finds Breakout Stocks

As our visitors know, the TTTB or T3B Trading System for Amibroker made a bang between the traders of India and TTTB is growing to be the most popular for finding breakout stocks in Amibroker users. It was a necessity to modify some features in the TTTB Trading System.

Example of a Breakout

finding breakout stocks

An example of a breakout, SIEMENS has broken PEAK on 8th September, 2014 at Rs. 871.25 and on 9th of September it is trading at Rs. 911.40, up by 4.60 percent from the buy level. Many stocks like this shot up just after the break up and users scanning at the end of day not buying the stock in live market misses the move and enter late. Check the SIEMENS end of day chart below:

So, since launch there was a need to upgrade TTTB Trading System a bit in the following aspects:

  • Finding breakout stocks immediate before the breakout happens.
  • To know a level beyond which a stock should not be chased in case of a breakout or a breakdown.

So, we have made some updates in the TTTB Trading System afl and launched new version on 9th September, 2014. The update has already been uploaded to afl library and subscribers will automatically receive the updates in next launch of Amibroker afl library.

finding breakout stocks

1) In the exploration we added a No Chase Beyond column, users need to avoid entering the stock if the stock crosses more than 6% beyond the breakout level.
2) We have also added a 2nd exploration called Pre Scan, which will scan stocks within 3% from the breakout zone. So users can start watching those stocks nearing the breakout zone on intra-day basis.

What are the Charges for T3B Trading System for AmiBroker?

How to get T3B Trading System in your Amibroker? Now TTTB Trading System is a bonus with Trend Blaster Trading System. So it’s FREE. For instant access click here.

2019 Update: T3B Trading System for AmiBroker is now included in TBTS Pack DLL file. AmiBroker AFL Library has been discontinued.

How To Use Three Line Break Chart Strategy?

Line break charts OR price break charts are a special form of charts which reflects the sentiment better than a normal candlestick chart. A three-line break chart is a specific chart where a reversal box is formed only after the price breaks the high or low of last 3 previous boxes. Three line break chart strategy also known as TLB Chart is the most common among all line break charts but some analysts also use six line break charts in a lower time frame like 1 minute to catch the sudden moves during news like a budget day or inventory flash etc.

What is a Three Line Break Chart?

Line break charts are sentiment indicators of the same family line Renko, point, and figure etc and they show charts with minimized noise as compared to a regular candlestick chart.

There is a scarcity of good amibroker afls for sentiment indicators like Renko, Line break etc. But after much research, we have found a good amibroker formula for the TLB chart. You may download it from below.

TLB Chart AmiBroker AFL

Please also check the image for how the indicator will look like:

Three Line Break Amibroker Afl

Suggested reading: Sentiment Indicators: Renko, Price Break, Kagi, Point and Figure – What They Are and How to Use Them to Trade (Bloomberg)

Three line break chart strategy

In order to clarify the three line break chart pattern more clearly, I attach an image that only concentrates on the graph more specifically. The term “three line break” itself give hints of the chart pattern. As you know that red candle refers as bearish and blue as bullish. The set up is quite simple like conventional candlesticks, only TLB chart emphasis on the closing price.

The Three Line Break Chart Strategy

  • In case of the bullish reversal pattern, a bullish candle should be higher than the hight made by three previous bearish candles.
  • Bearish reversal pattern happens when a bearish candle is higher than the hight made by three previous bullish candles.
  • Now, come to the discussion of the resistance level, if the reversal candle is bullish, the distance between resistance level and reversal candle needs to be at least the size of reversal candle and vice versa.
  • In order to avoid false signal, you can apply RSI, Moving Average, Stochastic indicators according to your preference.
  • Like conventional candlestick pattern, the three line also forms hear and shoulder, morning star, evening star, double top etc.
  • It is advisable to set the support and resistance level prior to investment, otherwise, you may incur a loss.

However, this is one of the most widely used chart patterns in the technical analysis. In order to get a noise-free trading signal, you can use the three line chart for trading.

How to Predict Support Resistance with NSE Options Data

This post is a re-written version of the original post written on 2017. The topic is still very much important for Indian traders. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) provides daily data after market hours. These data are available in different formats. We also get live data on options chain of indices and stocks. Through proper data analysis there are ways for predicting support resistance of stocks or indices using NSE options data.

How to find NSE options data?

Before we proceed further it is highly necessary to understand how to find nse options data. For that we go to NSE site, then go to live market, select equity derivatives from drop down menu at the top, write down name of stock or indices on the box. when the desired page opens, select options chain for the selected stock or index. A page appears where we can find Open Interest data at different strike prices of stock or indices. For example, if we select options chain for Nifty we can go to the following link: NSE Options Chain.

NSE Options Data

When we go to the page the page looks as follows.

Now, after close watch we find there are different columns for Calls and Puts. Strike prices which are coloured yellow are in the money strikes(ITM) and rest of the strike prices which have white background are out of money (OTM) strikes. According to this picture Calls of strike price 9650 and lower are all ITM strike prices. On the other hand strike prices of 9700 Put and above are all ITM Puts. The middle column shows the strike prices.

Though this table shows bid ask and LTP (last traded price) of Calls and Puts at different strike prices and data of implied volatility (IV), Open Interest is the main focus in the table. OI (Open Interest) data shows statistics of outstanding OI, latest change in OI, OI volume of Calls and Puts at different strike prices.

Open interest basically applies to future and options contracts. OI can not be applied to equity.  Open interest can be defined as number of outstanding contracts at any point of time in the market.

How to predict S&R with NSE options data?

Predicting support resistance of a stock/ index using nse options data is a popular method. Highest concentration of open interest at a particular strike price often denotes the immediate support resistance zone. A shift of position can also be found through change of OI data. In the table shown above we can see change of OI data where Call OI data has decreased in all strike prices from 9500, 9550, 9600, 9650, 9700, 9750 and the 9800 call strike has added lot of oI positions.

This clearly shows major market participant diluted their positions from other Call positions and concentrated at 9800 call indicating 9800 as the immediate resistance zone and  unless there is change in the pattern, this may hold true. On the other hand 9600 Put has added maximum OI and has the second highest outstanding OI position indicating immediate major support for Nifty. Thus we can use options chain for predicting support resistance using nse data for OI.


Open Interest data can be used in many ways for guessing market sentiment or stock movement in near future. We will discuss about it in another article. Live open interest data with change of OI can be found Nifty Open Interest.

Amibroker AFL Code S&R With Pivots Download Link

Before beginning, one thing should be clear to you, our previous article on Pivot Point is quite different from today’s Pivot support-resistance. Hence, Pivot is a totally separate concept. The pivot point is a calculated Pivot while today’s topic covers Structural Pivot or often refers to Bar Count Reversals. At the end of the article, a free Amibroker AFL code will be provided. So, let’s start with support-resistance.

What is meant by the Support-Resistance (S&R)?

First let us understand what do we mean by support and resistance level or S&R.


  • Generally, support means the entry point of a stock. From the support level, buyers can take an entry. Hence, support means below the level a stock has difficulty falling. Sometimes, falling price towards the support level indicates a test for the stock.


  • Resistance generally considers as the exit or selling point of a stock. When a stock moves in an upward direction and reaches its highest point from where it turns around, refers to the resistance level. From the resistance level, price tends to move downward direction. Therefore, sometimes it considers as selling level.

What is Pivot?

The Pivot has nothing to do with calculations. It just deals with visual interpretation. Structural Pivot is nothing but a price-bar formation, widely-used in technical analysis. It indicates a clear real-time signal of support and resistance. The price bar has four segments, OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close). For the composition of Pivot, minimum three bars are needed. In order to show support-resistance, Pivot Low-high are used to draw trendlines. Here, support indicates Pivot Low and resistance is Pivot High.

How does Pivot work?

  • Pivot High is surrounded by lower high and lower low.
  • Pivot Low is surrounded by higher highs, higher low.
  • The longer the trend before and after Pivot carries a higher significance.
  • In order to visualize the price pattern, Pivot helps to determine trendline.

We have created a nice AmiBroker AFL code (in our previous post full description is available) for S&R with Pivots. The download link will be given below. But first lets check the example of the AFL.

Pictoral Example of the AmiBroker AFL Code

amibroker afl code

The above chart displays in Amibroker after applying the Amibroker AFL code. The script is on BAJAJ AUTO share price 15 min. As you can see there is a clear indication of support and resistance level here. The green lines are the support while orange is resistance level.

Download FREE Amibroker AFL Code

You can download the code by yourself. It’s quite easy to apply to the chart. Just copy the link and put it in formula editor of Amibroker. There is a FREE Amibroker AFL code given below.