ADX Trading Strategy – Profit with a Single Indicator

Recently I read a book ADXcellence: Power Trend Strategies that focuses only on a single indicator. This is one of the best books on ADX trading strategy. Let me discuss the strategies explained in this book. Who wrote the Book on ADX Trading Strategy? Dr. Charles B. Schaap wrote this book. When he stopped being … Continue reading “ADX Trading Strategy – Profit with a Single Indicator”

Shinohara Intensity Ratio Indicator Usage Guide

Shinohara Intensity Ratio Indicator can be used to analyze the strength of the stock with 2 ratios. They are a strong ratio and a weak ratio. The Strong Ratio means the intensity of bull power and the Weak Ratio means the intensity of bear power. This indicator is just like the ADX/DMS indicator’s +DI and -DI. However, this is a … Continue reading “Shinohara Intensity Ratio Indicator Usage Guide”

ADX/DMS or ADX Indicator Formula, Strategy

In this series, I will start discussing all the major technical indicators one by one. The first indicator on Zerodha Kite is ADX/DMS, so I will start on the ADX Indicator on Zerodha Kite and also touch on its uses on some other popular platforms. What is the full form of ADX/DMS? The full form … Continue reading “ADX/DMS or ADX Indicator Formula, Strategy”