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FII DII Activity Data

This page will show today’s FII DII activity data in one place. You can check for the updated FII DII data every day in the evening after the data is updated in NSE site.

FII Trading Activity For Today:

FII Activity

DII Trading Activity For Today:

DII Activity

FII’s full form is foreign institutional investors and they include foreign fund houses like Goldman Sachs, CLSA, CITI, Morgan Stanley etc. FIIs can buy as well as short sell in the cash market. FIIs can also trade in the index and stock futures as well as stock options and index options.

DII’s full form is domestic institutional investor and they have good presence in the Indian stock markets. DIIs include Indian mutual fund houses like ICICI Prudential MF, HDFC HF, Reliance MF, SBI MF etc and also big finance houses of insurance companies like LIC etc. DIIs can also buy in the cash market and they can not short sell in the market.

So it is obvious that FIIs have more power in the stock market as they can trade in index and stock futures and options while DIIs can only buy in the cash market. For a trader the FII DII activity is of utmost importance. The FII DII data table shows the gross buying and gross selling and net buying and net sales done by the FIIs OR DIIs. The net buy/sell figure is of utmost importance because they reflects the FII or DII view on the market. Major stress should be given to the FII activity data as it closely reflects the market trend. In a rising market the FIIs are net buyers and in the falling market FIIs are net sellers.

A special feature in the FII DII activity to be noted that when FII buys generally DII sells and when FII sells generally DII buys. Please visit this page every evening to check the updated FII DII data.