Metastock 16 Review, Metastock Software Download Link

Metastock (MS) is one of the most powerful and demanding trading software, introduced by Steve Achelis in the year 1982. For over 30 years it is rated as no. one market analysis tool. The design is specially made for intraday traders to get live market data and comes with the most reliable trading solution. Customization … Continue reading “Metastock 16 Review, Metastock Software Download Link”

Acceleration Bands Trading – New Way To Trade Options

The Acceleration Bands trading system has been created by BidTrends and mainly invented by the founder of BigTrends Mr. Price Headley. It was basically created because many traders suffer from moving averages. Whenever a stock or a commodity breaks out they never retest major moving averages due to they are accelerating so furiously. So Mr. … Continue reading “Acceleration Bands Trading – New Way To Trade Options”

How To Trade The RMO ATM For Metastock?

Rahul Mohindar Oscillator and RMO ATM for Metastock is an invention of Rahul Mohindar of VIRATECH. He first developed the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator very neatly, i.e RMO version. This used to be launched with MetaStock 10 in 2006. there have been a couple of requests from customers, for extra indicators and insights of Rahul’s work. … Continue reading “How To Trade The RMO ATM For Metastock?”

Metastock Formula Writing to Create a Trading System

The primary objective of any kind of investment is to make maximum profit with minimum risk. Stock Market is such a volatile field for investment. In this stock market, traders’ first purpose should be protecting the principle then try for profit. In order to protect the principle or minimize the loss, there is a tool which … Continue reading “Metastock Formula Writing to Create a Trading System”