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Turtle Trading System – Codes for Metastock & AmiBroker

Generally, futures traders are familiar with the name of Richard Dennis. He was the founder of the Turtle Trading System. For many years the exact parameters of Dennis were kept a secret. Later he released some of them as the turtle strategy. Dennis stepped into the stock market as a commodity futures trader. His trader-life […]

Best Metastock Trading System – FREE Metastock Formula

Every trader searches for the best Metastock trading system. In the beginning, one thing should be clear that even the most effective trading tools may fail if traders are dealing with greed and fear during a trade. Therefore, to be a Metastock expert, one needs to be patient. Today, we will discuss Metastock formulas and […]

How To Write Your Own Simple Metastock Stop Loss Formula

The primary objective of any kinds of investment is to make maximum profit with minimum risk. Stock Market is such a volatile field for investment. In this market, traders first purpose should be protecting the principle then try for profit. In order to protect the principle or minimize the loss, there is a tool which refers […]

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