Two Extreme Stocks Idea For Month End Trading

This week is going to be a holiday-truncated week. Friday becoming a holiday, the week will pre-maturely end on Thursday, 23rd of February, 2017. Recently I have coded Larry Connors %B method and combined that with Connors RSI and 2-period RSI on Amibroker to build my Extreme Trading Toolkit. Now let me analyze a few … Continue reading “Two Extreme Stocks Idea For Month End Trading”

Connors RSI – Trading With RSI In Amibroker

Trading With RSI The usage of Larry Connor ConnorsRSI is a composite indicator inclusive of three elements. Two of the three elements make the Relative Strength Index (RSI) calculations developed by Welles Wilder in the Nineteen Seventies, and the 1/3 element ranks probably the most up to date, swap on a scale of zero to … Continue reading “Connors RSI – Trading With RSI In Amibroker”