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Sun Pharma Share Price Graph And News

The Sun Pharmaceuticals Limited is a large-cap pharmaceutical company belonging to the Nifty 50 group. For this reason, Sun Pharma share price influences the benchmark index.

Sun Pharma Share Price Graph

Sun Pharma Share Price Graph

Sun Pharma was incorporated in 1983 as a drug manufacturing company with 5 drugs for psychiatric treatment in its kitty. Later drugs for the treatment of cardiac disorder were added in drug portfolio. This division of drugs made Sun Pharma pioneer in this. Sun Pharma introduced many new drugs in the IPM (Indian Pharma Market) in the cardiology division. In 1994 Sun Pharma shares were added in NSE and BSE for trading.

Today Sun Pharma is a large-cap drug manufacturing company having an international presence in more than 30 countries. Sun Pharma, besides drug manufacturing, has also forayed into API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) business. Some famous brands manufactured from Sun Pharma and the API business has made it a market leader and generated great revenue for the company. It’s branded product portfolio includes drugs in psychiatry, cardiology, gastroenterology, diabetology, neurology, respiratory and drugs used of chronic therapy in these divisions.

Sun Pharma has 19 manufacturing units in India, Bangladesh, US and Hungary. APIs and branded drugs manufactured from these plants are marketed worldwide. The manufacturing units have approval from international authorities like US FDA, UK MHRA.  In addition, Sun Pharma is also a big name in speciality therapy area. It manufactures drugs for following speciality therapies.

  • CNS
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Gastroenterology
  • Allergy
  • Oncology
  • Gynaecological
  • Asthma
  • Pain
  • Inflammation

Sun Pharma is a large-cap drug manufacturing company in India and has been awarded many times for award of excellence in the pharma sector.

Company Financials

Sun Pharma share price is Rs 569.00 (as on 30.06.17, 11.41 hrs.) in BSE. As per the latest data, the standalone basis P/E is 0.00 (consolidated P/E 18.55 and EPS Rs. 29.03) versus average industry PE of 28.03, EPS is Rs -0.15. Market cap is Rs 1,29,203 crores. The face value of a share is Rs 1.

Sun Pharma share price was Rs 515.10 at the end of 15 November 2018 in the National Stock Exchange. The earning per share or EPS is Rs -1.79 as per the average share price of the trailing 12 months data. The price over earning ratio or P/E stands at -287.77. The Book Value per share is Rs 174.99. The price over book value ratio or P/BV 2.99. The Dividend yield is 0.38%. The 52 weeks high price is Rs 679.30 and 52 weeks low is Rs 435.00.

The quarter ending September 2018 reported a sales figure of Rs 6,846.48 crores. Other operating income stands at Rs 91.15 crores. The operating profit is Rs 1,531.21 crores. Other income stands at Rs 351.15 crores. The EBITDA is Rs 1,882.36 crores. The net profit stands at Rs -218.82 crores. The earning per share or EPS of this quarter stands at Rs -0.91.

Company Summary

Sun Pharma Ltd. is a Large Cap company operating in the Indian pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector. Sun Pharma has a market cap of Rs 123553.22 crores.

Sun Pharma earns its lions share of revenue from manufacture and sales of medicines in the form of tablets, capsules, injection ampules etc. The annual audited report ending at 31 March 2018 reported that Sun Pharma Ltd. earned revenue from the sale of pharmaceuticals products contributed Rs 7696.33 crores which amounted to 96.83% of total sales value. Besides the above-mentioned sales figure, financial stats of the previous fiscal show that revenue earned from other operating income stood at Rs 251.27 crores amounting to 3.16% of total sales value.

The audited report ending on 30 September 2018 reported a consolidated sales of Rs 6846.48 crores decreased by -4.10% from the sales of last quarter ending on 31 March 2018 which was Rs 7138.83 crores and the total sales in this quarter has increased by 3.89% from the sales same quarter of the previous year which was Rs 6590.06 crores. Sun Pharma Ltd. reported a net profit after tax of Rs -106.97 crores in the current quarter which ended 30 September 2018.

The top management of the company includes Mr Dilip S Shanghvi, Mr Ashwin Dani, Mr Gautam Doshi, Mr Kalyanasundaram Subramanian, Mr Israel Makov, Mr Keki M Mistry, Mr Sailesh T Desai, Mr S Mohanchand Dadha, Mr Vivek Chaand Sehgal, Mr Sudhir V Valia, Ms Rekha Sethi.

The company has M/S S R B C u0026amp; Co. LLP as its auditors.

As on 30 September 2018, the company has a total of 2,399,324,674 nos of shares outstanding.

Shareholding Pattern

The Sun Pharma Share Price shareholding pattern of the company currently has different shareholders in the manner as mentioned below.

  • The promoters and promoter group of the company hold 1,304,855,381 nos of shares which is equivalent to 54.38% of total shares.
  • The foreign institutions or FIIs hold 402,634,853 nos of shares amounting to 16.78% of total shares.
  • Others hold 134,025,800 nos or shares or 5.59% of total shares.
  • The non-banking financial institutions or NBFCs and mutual funds together hold 203,222,225 nos of shares or 8.47% of total shares.
  • Other financial institutions hold 193,289,505 nos of shares amounting to 8.06% of total shares.
  • General public holds 161,296,910 nos of shares which is equivalent to 6.72% of total shares.

Shares held by different mutual funds

  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund in the scheme Value Discovery Direct-Growth which is a value-oriented equity fund holds 27944521 nos of shares which are equivalent to Rs 1621.48 crores in value.
  • Axis mutual fund in the scheme Long Term Equity Direct-G which is an ELSS fund holds 11024128 nos of shares which are equivalent to Rs 639.67 crores in value.
  • SBI mutual fund in the scheme ETF Nifty 50 D which is a large-cap equity fund holds 10431777 nos of shares which are equivalent to Rs 605.30 crores in value.
  • SBI mutual fund in the scheme Bluechip Direct-G which is a large-cap equity fund holds 8538846 nos of shares which are equivalent to Rs 495.47 crores in value.
  • DSP mutual fund in the scheme Equity u0026amp; Bond Direct-G which is an aggressive hybrid fund holds 2516055 nos of shares equivalent to the value of Rs 145.99 crores.

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