ICICI Bank Share Price Graph And News

ICICI Bank Limited is a private banking company. ICICI Bank share price fluctuation affects Nifty because it carries good weightage among Nifty 50 stocks.

ICICI Bank Share Price Graph

Incorporated in 1994, ICICI Bank Limited was one of the first few private banks which started operations in India after the Government of India came up with the policy to allow private banks to start banking business in India. It was fist such step taken by Government of India after the nationalization of private banks took place after independence.

ICICI Bank was promoted by ICICI Ltd. ICICI was formed in 1955 with the joint initiative of World Bank, Government of India and representatives from Indian industry. ICICI and ICICI functioned separately till  2001. In 2002, ICICI Bank, ICICI and two of its subsidiaries ICICI Capital Services Limited and ICICI Personal Finance Services Limited were merged into a single entity, the ICICI Bank Limited for ease of doing business. This amalgamation brought benefit to ICICI Bank and integrated the whole financing and banking business to a single entity.

The bank has been running efficiently since then and became one of the leading private banks in India. Now, in India, it is the second largest private bank. Today, the bank’s management views the banking business to provide solidity and reliability to support its consumers and thrives due to excellence in banking service.  The bank operates both in retail banking services and corporate banking services and has achieved the mark of excellence in both the sectors. Today in order to remain on top it has adopted best industry practices that are at par with best of international standards.

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ICICI Bank has 2535 branches across India joined to a network of 6810 ATMs. it also has global presence serving people and business houses of 19 countries.

ICICI Bank is listed in NSE, BSE in India. It is also listed in NYSE through ADRs.

Till date, the company has received numerous national and international awards for excellence in the banking sector.

ICICI bank offers following services to its customers:

  • Retail/ Personal Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • NRI Banking
  • E commerce
  • Priority Banking
  • VBV/ MSC – Online transactions using Debit Card
  • VBV  – Online transactions using Credit Card

Company Financials – ICICI Bank share price is Rs 291 (as on 21.06.17, 09.38 hrs.) in BSE. As per latest HDFC Bank share price, the standalone basis P/E is 19.14 versus average industry PE of 27.5, EPS is Rs 15.29. Market cap is Rs 1,87,545 crores. The face value of share is Rs 2. Net NPA to Net Advance percentage stands at 5.43% (as per data of fiscal,’17).

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