HUL Share Price Graph And News – Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Hindustan Unilever Limited is a leader in FMCG space. It is a large-cap company and belongs to Nifty 50 group of companies. It carries good weightage and HUL share price movement influences movement in Nifty.

HUL Share Price Graph

Hindustan Unilever Limited or HUL was a subsidiary of Lever Brothers, England. Back in 1931, the Lever Brothers set up its first Indian subsidiary Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing company. In 1933 it set up another Indian subsidiary, the Lever Brothers India  Limited followed by another, United Traders Limited in 1937. These three companies were merged together to form Hindustan Unilever Limited or HUL in 1956.

In fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) space Unilever (earlier Lever Brothers) is the world leader. Likewise its Indian subsidiary HUL is a leader in Indian FMCG space. Numerous brand names in FMCG space are household names in common Indian household. Sunlight, Lifebuoy, Lux, Pears, Vim etc. are such brand names which were marketed in India long before independence. These brands have same popularity today. Products from other FMCG companies of India could not replace them, such is goodwill of HUL in the Indian market.

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In every subsection of FMCG sector in India, there is a leading brand from HUL. This has been possible by many merger and acquisitions (M&A) from HUL. HUL took over BROOKE BOND and LIPTON – the two leaders in packaged tea leaf which made HUL leader in this sector. Likewise, it acquired Modern food from Indian Government to expand its wheat and bread business. This acquisition helped them to take pole position in this space. M&A with Ponds (India) Ltd made them a leader in personal care products. Acquisition of Cooked Shrimp and Crab Meat from Amalgam Group of companies made them a leader in Marine Food export business.

Today their products are manufactured from 37 manufacturing units spread across length and breadth of India. Today products from these factories are distributed to 6.3 million retail outlets covering the entire urban population of India and also serving 250 million rural people of India.

In 2012, HUL made MOU with Unilever to manufacture, market and distribute the ‘Brylcreem’ brand, leading brand in Men’s hair care.

Company Financials – HUL share price is Rs 1096.10 (as on 20.06.17, EOD) in BSE. As per latest data, the standalone basis P/E is 52.81 versus average industry PE of 50.08, EPS is Rs 20.74. Market cap is Rs 2,37,095 crores. The face value of a share is Rs 1.

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