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Biocon Share Price Graph And News

Biocon Limited is an Indian biopharmaceutical company. This company is Bangalore, India based company. Biocon Limited manufactures generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are sold in over 120 countries across the globe, including the developed markets of the United States and Europe. This company also manufactures novel biologics, as well as, biosimilar insulins and antibodies, which are sold in India as branded formulations. Biocon Limited’s biosimilar products are also sold in both bulk and formulation forms in several emerging markets. In the research services of this company, Syngene International Limited (Syngene), which is a publicly listed subsidiary of Biocon. This company is engaged in the business of integrated end-to-end drug discovery and development services. Now, let’s move on to the main topic Biocon Share Price graph and news.

About the company

Biocon Limited is Asia’s premier biopharmaceutical company that is driven by the vision to make a difference to global healthcare through improved access to high quality, life-saving biotherapeutics by making them affordable for patients across the world. This company’s formulations for the Indian market straddles Metabolics, Oncology, Immunotherapy, Nephrology, and Specialty. Some of Biocon Limited’s key brands in India include INSUGEN (rh-insulin), BASALOG (Glargine), BIOMAb EGFR (Nimotuzumab), BLISTO (Glimepiride plus Metformin), CANMAb (Trastuzumab), Everton (Everolimus), TACROGRAF (Tacrolimus), ALZUMAb(Itolizumab) and KRABEVA (Bevacizumab). These brands are claimed to be considerably less expensive than other leading brands of this company. In this both, Biocon and Syngene together employ about 9200 personnel including biologists, chemists, medical practitioners, pharmacologists, engineers, finance/legal/marketing analysts, HR generalists, and general administrators. This company produces antidiabetic agents which includes Acarbose, Pioglitazone, Repaglinide and Rosiglitazone. In the biological segment of Biocon Limited produces Insulin, Erythropoietin (EPO), Filgrastim (GCSF), Streptokinase and Monoclonal Antibodies. This company’s drug major produces mycophenolate mofetil, sirolimus, and tacrolimus. Biocon Limited also produces and a market mix of specialty and industrial enzymes for industries like paper, brewing, beverages, food, brewing, textiles and distilling. This company’s drug portfolio consists of lovastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin, and atorvastatin.

Company summary –

Biocon Limited was started itself with seed capital of Rs.10, 000 in 1978. This company is now a billion dollar company. Biocon Limited manufactures biotechnological products catering to the healthcare segment. This company engages itself in all phases of the product cycle from discovering to the development and then commercializing the same drugs. This pharmaceutical company has fermentation-based technology. Biocon Limited’s fully integrated business model spans the entire drug value chain, from preclinical discovery to clinical development and through to commercialization. This company’s businesses in custom research (Syngene), clinical development (Clinigene) and biopharmaceuticals (Biocon) provide multiple revenue streams to balance risk, drive innovation, deliver products and accelerate growth. As the company increases the complexity and scope of its own Ru0026amp;D and manufacturing operations, especially in new product discovery and development. Biocon Limited believes that the custom and clinical research services will continue to offer important synergies. Let’s have a look at Biocon Share Price. There you can get live update of Biocon Share Price.

Biocon Share Price Graph

Biocon Share Price Chart

Registered Address –

20th K.M. Hosur Road,
Electronics City PO, Hebbagodi,
Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560100.
Tel: 080-28082808
Fax: 080-28523423
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.biocon.com

Registrars –

Karvy Fintech Pvt. Ltd.
Karvy Selenium Tower B,
Plot No. 31-32, Gachibowl,
Hyderabad – 500032, Telangana.
Tel : 040-67162222, 67161500
Fax : 040-23420814, 23001153
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.karvycomputershare.com

Company financials :

Company financials details are necessary for this content Biocon Share Price. During the year FY18, consolidated revenue grew 6% to Rs.43,359 million (vs Rs.40,787 million in FY17). Revenue growth was primarily led by the Research Services business, which grew 19% to Rs.14,231 million (vs Rs.11,925 million in FY17). Biologics business at Rs.7,702 million reported growth of 10% from Rs.7,018 million in FY17. However, Biocon Limited adjusting for the impact of a decrease in licensing income in FY18. This company’s Biologics segment revenue grew by 28% during the year. Branded Formulations business, which includes sales in India and UAE, grew 11% to Rs.6,115 million (vs Rs.5,489 million in FY17). Revenue from the Small Molecules business decreased 8% to Rs.15,077 million (vs Rs.16,405 million in FY17).

The company’s market cap is 37,101.00. Industry P/E is 53.26. EPS or Earnings Per Share is at the level of 11.61. Price/Book value is 6.57 and Book value is 94.13.

biocon ltd financial statements

Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) declined 9% to Rs.10,353 million (vs. Rs.11,366 million in FY17) and Net Profit decreased 39% to Rs.3,724 million (vs. Rs.6,121 million in FY17). The overall profitability of Biocon Limited for FY18 was largely impacted due to pricing pressures in the generics business. This company’s lower licensing income in biologics, planned shutdown of biologics fill finish plant for requalification post regulatory audits. Biocon Limited also the inclusion of fixed and operating costs relating to the Malaysia facility.

The Board of Directors of the company :

  • Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the Chairperson and Managing Director of this company.
  • Arun Chandavarkar is the Joint Managing Director and CEO of the company.
  • Russel Walls is an Independent Director of the company.
  • Daniel M Bradbury is another Independent Director of this company.
  • Jeremy Levin is one of the Independent Director of the company.
  • Bobby Kanubhai Parikh is the Independent Director of this company.
  • John Shaw is the Vice Chairman and Whole Time Director of the company.
  • Ravi Mazumdar is a Non-Executive Director of this company.
  • Mary Harney is an Independent Director of the company.
  • Vijay Kuchroo is the Independent Director of this company.
  • M Damodaran is one of the Independent Director of the company.

News of the company :

In the dated 02 January 2019, Benchmark NSE Nifty50 index was down 22.55 points at 10,887.55 while the BSE Sensex was down 43.91 points at 36,210.66. Benchmark NSE Nifty50 index was down 23.45 points at 10,730.55 while BSE Sensex was down 44.42 points at 35,697.65 in 24th December 2018. In the dated 21st December 2018, Benchmark NSE Nifty50 index was down 136.75 points at 10,814.95 while the BSE Sensex was down 440.92 points at 35,990.75. Benchmark NSE Nifty50 index was down 64.15 points at 10,903.15 while the BSE Sensex was down 205.66 points at 36,278.67 in 20th December 2018.

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