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Forex Chart

This page will display end of day forex chart of major currency pairs. Those who are viewing from PC or laptop can see majoy forex pairs in the market watch section on the right hand side. Those who are viewing the page from mobile can find the symbols below the chart and view chart of the desired currency pair.

USA and you want to go to Switzerland for vaccation. You need to convert US Dollar (USD) to Swiss Franc (CHF). There comes the need of relative value of USD/CHF. Suppose the relative value of USD/CHF is 1.20490. Now if the relative value rises to 1.20500 then we are moving up by 1 pip. So pip is the minimum amount of movement possible in any forex pair.

This foreign currency relative value can be plotted as a graph or chart. This is called forex chart. So in forex chart we are not charting each currency pair, rather we are charting the relative value.

At the price of USD/CHF = 1.20490, if you want to convert 500 USD it becomes 602 CHF. The majoy currency pairs that traders use for forex chart are EURUSD (Euro to USD), GBPUSD (Great Britain Pound to USD), USDJPY (USD to Japanese Yen) and USDCHF.

There are many platforms for forex trading. Out ofthem the most popular is Metatrader 4 OR MT4. You can see charts, trade and analyze from this one platform. You can use built in indicators OR create custom indicators in MT4. Even automated trading is possible in MT4 by creating expert advisors (EAs).

If you are interested to go in deep of forex trading you can check Trend Blaster for MT4.