Bank Nifty Open Interest – Follow The Smart Traders

Bank Nifty Open Interest

New traders dont know that stock market is like politics, what happens in front actually does not happen, and what seems like not happenning actually happens. Trading Bank Nifty is a lucrative job for those who can catch it well. Bank Nifty is much more volatile than Nifty and movement of 150-200 points a day is not rare. So if you can catch the move huge money can be earned from the index. But to know exactly what the smart traders are doing you need the correct tool. So let me present you our new page BANK NIFTY OPEN INTEREST.

To know open interest trading well you need to read my last post on Open Interest: My Secret Nifty Open Interest Data Analysis Technique In that post we discussed how to interprete the first image, Open Interest chart. Analysing open interest we can easily spot the important support and resistances that are actually not visible in naked eye and with technical analysis softwares. Now we will learn how to analyse open interest increase or decrease for successful trading.
Change In Open Interest
Check the image how today Nifty 8700 PUT has the biggest red bar, that means highest put writing seen in 8700 level, so smart players and option writers are taking 8700 will not be breached today. Market was trading at 8715 level and gradually it started moving UP. So no way of shorting in the market, only strategy will be BUY in dips.

In the same way if you find that call is making a big bar in a specific strike price you need to understand that resistance is being built up in that strike and you should short sell in rallies. Similarly you can do bank nifty open interest analysis and trade intraday or positional in the Bank Nifty index. Please add the BANK NIFTY OPEN INTEREST page to your bookmark.

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