Wipro Share Price Graph And News (Wipro Limited)

Wipro Share Price

The Wipro Limited is a large-cap company belonging to the Nifty 50 group. For this reason, Wipro share price influences the benchmark index.

Wipro Share Price Graph

Wipro Share Price Graph

Wipro Limited was incorporated in 1945 as a flagship company of the Azim Premji Group with a view to manufacturing and trade in vegetable oil, ghee, vanaspati, and the likes. Later it diversified into various other business. From then on its journey has been commendable that led it to a position of top-level IT, software and BPO company globally.

Wipro, today, is a giant in IT and software sector having global certificates like SEI CMM Level 5 and PCMM Level 5 certified for IT Services. Wipro serves its customers in the following ways.

  • Provides Information Technology related services and comprehensive solution to its customers.
  • Provides system integration.
  • Provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.
  • Provides Information System Outsourcing services.
  • Provides package implementation services.
  • Provides software application development and maintenance services.
  • Provides research and development services.

The customer base of Wipro is very strong. Global corporate giants are regular customers of Wipro Limited. In addition to abovementioned services, Wipro has ventured into the very profitable and niche segment of the business of lighting and consumer products like Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, computer peripherals, hardware, and software.

Wipro has the following divisions.

  • Wipro Infotech
  • Wipro Technologies
  • Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting
  • Wipro GE Medical Systems
  • Wipro Infrastructure Engineering

Wipro is the world’s first company to achieve Six Sigma in IT and also the world’s first company to receive SEI CMM Level 5 and PCMM Level 5 certification. Wipro ADSs are listed on NYSE.

Wipro has been a leader and one of the top global companies. It has been awarded many awards for excellence in its sector and awards for CSR.

Company Financials

Wipro share price is Rs 258.75 (as on 30.06.17, EOD) in BSE. As per the latest data, the standalone basis P/E is 15.43 versus average industry P/E of 17.55, EPS is Rs 16.77. Market cap is Rs 1,25,400.65 crores. The face value of a share is Rs 2.

The share price of Wipro was Rs 326.20 at the end of 16 November 2018 in the National Stock Exchange. The present market cap is Rs 147463.38 crores. The earning per share or EPS is Rs 15.67 as per the average share price of the trailing 12 months data. The price over earning ratio or P/E is 20.82. The Book Value per share is Rs 106.48. The price over book value ratio or P/BV 3.06. The Dividend yield is 0.61%. The 52 weeks high price is Rs 338.00 and 52 weeks low is Rs 253.50.

The quarter ending September 2018 Wipro reported a sales figure of Rs 14,541.00 crores. Other operating income stands at Rs 26.90 crores. The operating profit stands at Rs 2,376.80 crores. Other income stands at Rs 635.30 crores. The EBITDA is Rs 3,012.10 crores. The net profit stands at Rs 1,889.00 crores. The earning per share or EPS of this quarter stands at Rs 4.19.

Company Summary

Wipro Ltd. is a Large Cap company operating in the Indian information technology sector. It has a current market cap of over 14 thousand crore rupees.

Wipro Ltd. primarily earns its revenue from software development and related business, networking and other IT related business sectors.  The audited report of the fiscal 2017 – 2018 ending 31 March 2018 shows that the company earned its revenue of Rs 43278.80 crores equivalent to 93.98% of the total sales value from the revenue earned from software services, revenue from networking, storage equipment, servers, software licenses contributed Rs 2360.80 crores amounting to 5.12% of total sales value and other operating revenue contributed Rs 408.20 crores amounting to 0.88% of total sales value.

For the quarter ended 30 September 2018, Wipro Ltd. reported a consolidated sales of Rs 14541.00 crores which shows an increase of 4.03% from the last sales data of last quarter amounting to Rs 13977.70 crores and the same increased by 8.33% from the previous year same quarter sales of Rs 13423.40 crores. The company has reported a net profit after tax of Rs 1883.70 crores in the quarter ending 30 September 2018.

The top management of Wipro Ltd. includes Dr Patrick J Ennis, Dr Ashok S Ganguly, Mr Abidali Z Neemuchwala, Mr Ireena Vittal, Mr Azim H Premji, Mr M K Sharma, Mr Patrick Dupuis, Mr Narayanan Vaghul, Mr William Arthur Owens, Mr Rishad Premji.

The company has appointed M/S BSR u0026amp; Co. LLP as its auditors.

As on 30 September 2018, the company has a total of 4,524,079,523 nos of shares outstanding.

Shareholding Pattern

The Wipro Share Price shareholding pattern of Wipro Ltd. currently has different shareholders in the manner as mentioned below.

  • The promoters and promoter group of the company together hold 3,361,997,805 nos of shares which is equivalent to 74.31% of total shares.
  • The foreign institutions or FIIs hold 385,899,571 nos of shares which is equivalent to 8.53% of total shares.
  • The NBFCs and mutual funds together hold 109,289,343 nos of shares or 2.42% of total shares.
  • Financial institutions hold 219,914,185 nos of shares which is equivalent to 4.86% of total shares.
  • General public holds 225,517,500 nos of shares which is equivalent to 4.98% of total shares.
  • Others hold 199,861,921 nos or shares or 4.42% of total shares.
  • A total number of 21,599,198 nos shares which are equivalent to 0.48% of total shares are subscribed to GDR.

Shares held by the mutual funds

  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund in the scheme Value Discovery Direct-Growth Fund which is a dynamic asset allocation hybrid fund holds 22525416 nos of shares amounting to Rs 746.04 crores.
  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund in the scheme Equity u0026amp; Debt Fund Direct-Growth which is an aggressive hybrid fund holds 12258670 nos of shares amounting to Rs 406.01 crores.
  • SBI mutual fund in the scheme ETF Nifty 50-D  which is a large-cap fund holds 10688847 nos of shares equivalent to Rs 364.01 crores.
  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund in the scheme Balanced Advantage Direct-Growth Fund which is a dynamic asset allocation hybrid fund holds 5606775 nos of shares amounting to Rs 185.70 crores.
  • Mirae Asset Management Fund in the scheme India Equity Fund Direct-Growth which is a multi-cap equity fund holds 4665150 nos of shares amounting to Rs 154.51 crores.

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