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Bajaj Finance Share Price Graph & News

Bajaj Finance Limited is one of the most well-known non-banking financial company in India. The company is a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv, in NSE, the company refers as BAJFINANCE. After providing a general background, we will cover the Bajaj Finance share price graph and Bajaj Finance Share Price news. Here is the Bajaj Finance Share Price graph.

Bajaj Finance Share Price Graph

Bajaj Finance Share Price Chart

The company was originally incorporated in the year 1987, in the beginning, it only focused on providing three and two-wheeler finance. In 2010, the company changed its name from Bajaj Auto Finance to Bajaj Finance Limited. In the year 2006, it’s asset under management reaches the Rs.1000 cr mark and within a short time span of 8-9 years, it had crossed 20,000 cr mark. After 11 long years in the auto finance, Bajaj Auto launched its IPO and was listed on the NSE, BSE. It deals in various segments as listed below:

  • Company Finance
  • SME Finance
  • Commercial Lending
  • Investment

CRISIL approved the fixed deposit scheme of the company via FAAA rating. Bajaj’s headquarter is in Pune, has 497 rural locations with over 33,000 plus distribution points and 294 consumer branches.

According to Aon Hewitt Best Employers Study, 2015, Bajaj Finance has been recognized as one of the Best Employers in India. It is one of India’s topmost companies. Besides this, they also get high rating recognition, such as:

  • Fixed Deposit Programme- Highest credit rating of FAAA/ Stable
  • Short-Term Debt Programme- A1+ rating from CRISIL and ICRA
  • Long-Term Debt Programme- AA+/Stable from CRISIL and ICRA
  • Subordinated Debt Programme- AA+/Stable from CRISIL and ICRA

Registered Office

4th Floor,
Bajaj Finserv Corporate Office,
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Pincode: 411014
Email ID: [email protected]
Web Url: http://www.bajajfinservlending.in

Mumbai-Pune Road,
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Pincode: 411035
Email ID: [email protected]
Web Url: http://www.bajajfinservlending.in


Nanoo Pamnani Vice Chairman
Omkar Goswami Director
Rahul Bajaj Chairman
Rajeev Jain CEO

Company Financials:

Now, come to the most important aspect of a company that is financial background. Bajaj’s current market cap (Rs. Cr) is 136,909.15, considers as a large-cap company. Let’s focus on the other data. Its P/E ratio stands at 51.73 and EPS is 41.79, Price/Book value is 8.29. Div Yield 0.17%. These are some of the basic standalone data regarding company financial. According to in Q2 FY17 update, its net profit was 408 cr at an ROE of 5.1% and ROA of 0.8%. Bajaj Finance Share Price (as on 26.06.2017) is Rs. 2370.00 in BSE.

The present market cap of Bajaj Finance is Rs 133889.27 crores. As on 26.09.18. the closing share price was Rs 2247.35 at NSE. The EPS or earning per share for the average of previous twelve months stands at Rs 49.8. The P/E or the price over earning ratio is P/E is 46.52. The sectoral P/E is 21.56. The face value per share is Rs 2. The P/B or the price to book value is 7.72. The book value, BV per share is Rs 300.23. The dividend yield is 0.17%.

The total no of shares subscribed is 577,968,388 or 57.80 crores approximately.

The return on equity or ROE for the fiscal ending March 2018 is 20.46. The ROCE or return on capital employed is 12.60 for the same fiscal. The RoA or return on assets is 3.38%.

Cash flow

The net cash flow from operating activities stands at – Rs 17091.82 crores. Net cash used in investing activities is Rs 405.49 crores. Net cash used in financing activities is Rs 16588.59 crores. Hence the net decrease in cash and cash equivalent is – Rs 97.38 crores. Cash and cash equivalent at beginning of the year was Rs 324.62 crores and cash and cash equivalent at the end of the year was Rs 227.24 crores. This data was collated from the audited financial report after 31 March 2018.

Company Summary

Bajaj Finance Ltd. is a Large Cap company operating in the Finance sector.

As per the audited financial report ended on 31 March 2018, The company earns its revenue primarily from financing and related activities. Earning from interests contributed Rs 11829.31 crores equivalent to the total sales value of 89.02%. Finance u0026amp; service related charges contributed Rs 885.43 crores amounting to 6.66% of total sales. In addition, revenue from other operating income earned Rs 374.13 crores (2.81% of total sales value) and income from sales of shares and securities contributed Rs 198.90 crores (1.49% of sales value).

For the second quarter of this fiscal which ended on 30-06-2018, the company reported sales of Rs 3936.45 Crore (consolidated), increased by 12.69 % from the last quarter sales figure of Rs 3493.08 Crore and also up by 38.96 % from the last year second quarter sales of Rs 2832.85 Crore. The Company reported a net profit of Rs 835.89 Crore (after-tax) in the latest quarter.

The company has appointed S R B C u0026amp; Co. LLP as its auditor.

Shareholding pattern

The promoters and promoter group of Bajaj Finance hold 318,678,085 nos of shares which is equivalent to 55.14% of total shares. The foreign institutions or FIIs hold 20.05% of shares or 115,890,266 nos of shares. General public holds 53,713,181 nos of shares or 9.29% of shares. The NBFC and Mutual Funds hold 7.48% of shares or 43,259,065 nos of shares. Others hold 36,682,143 nos of shares which is equivalent to 6.35% of total shares. Financial institutions hold 1.31% of shares or 7,568,398 nos of shares. In addition, there are 2,176,710 nos of share or 0.38% of shares in GDR.

The shareholding pattern by the mutual funds is given below. All the data given are as per published report after 31-08-2918.

  1. Axis Long Term Equity Direct-G fund holds 3857518 nos of shares. The current investment value is Rs 1101.94 crores. This is an Equity ELSS fund.
  2. UTI Equity Direct-G fund holds 2523745 nos of shares. The present investment value, as on 31-08-2018 is Rs 720.93 crores. This is a Multi-Cap Equity fund.
  3. Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund Direct Growth Fund holds 2314953 nos of shares. The current investment value is Rs 661.29 crores. This is a Multi-Cap Equity fund.
  4. SBI ETF Nifty 50-D 25 Fund holds 2116992 nos of shares. The current investment value is Rs 604.74 crores. This is a Large Cap Equity Fund.
  5. DSP Equity u0026amp; Bond Direct-Growth Fund holds 927641 nos of shares. The current investment value is Rs 264.99 crores. This is an Aggressive Hybrid fund.

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