Using Zoom Scan In Intraday Trading In Indian Stock Market

Zoom Scan

Money Management in intraday trading in Indian stock market is something that most people spend very little time on. Who cares if we have 8 losers in a row for Rs. 500.00 each? It might only take a few trades to make back my Rs. 4,000 and more. In this article, we will discuss on how diversification can help us increasing profits and minimizing losses in intraday trading in Indian stock market.

Our rule, never risk more than 20% of your account on your total current trades (cumulative risk, remember, all of the trades you are in, can and at some time (!), will be losers).

Most traders I meet do not believe that loss can occur in the market if they start using a Amibroker system. In fact, many traders ask me what is the accuracy of your trading system? When we tell them the truth and refer them to the trade to trade reports already published in our site here, they are offended as our system is not a 99% accurate system, that are widely advertised in the net by all those scam websites.

However, the chance of winning can be increased a lot using a proper scanning method. Its very important to know what to trade and also when to trade? We should not jump to trade just because the market is open, rather we should scan for the best possible stocks and trade them with a good trend following system in Amibroker.

Intraday Trading In Indian Stock Market

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Here come the power of zoom scan that is now an integral part of Trend Blaster Trading System for Amibroker. In a particular day (3rd September 2014) we tested with Trend Blaster Zoom Scan. We found 4 scrips zoom scan passed and we applied Trend Blaster Trading System blindly on them.

Bank Nifty

Now, not every scrip is a winner. We got 35 points profit in Nifty future. On the other hand, we got 60 points loss in 2 trades in Bank Nifty future.


On the other hand, we got 4 points profit in Reliance and 103 points profit in Infy. So if we calculate all 4 scrips in one day we got 82 points net profit in all trades.


So, 35 – 60 + 4 + 103 = 82. This is the power of diversification. Diversification will help you in managing your risk and maximizing your profits in intraday trading in indian stock market.

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