Zerodha Kite Indicators (Technical Indicators)

Zerodha kite indicators

Zerodha has a very fluid and user-friendly trading platform named Kite. Kite is a platform for web trading as well trading through Android enabled mobile smartphones. Zerodha Kite is equipped with Zerodha Kite Indicators consisting of all popular technical indicators to facilitate trading and enable traders to trade better allowing leeway for maximum winning trades. The list of Zerodha Kite Indicators is detailed below. All the following Zerodha Kite Indicators are equipped with customizable parameters to suit the individual requirement of traders besides having default values.


List of Zerodha Kite Indicators –

It has been noted that Zerodha is clearly leading ahead of other stock brokers of India mainly due to the list of their indicators and nowadays people having a Zerodha account does not need any other charting platforms for their technical analysis.

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