Zerodha Kite Fund Transfer And Fund Withdrawal Process

There is a necessasity of a post specifically on Zerodha Kite fund transfer and Zerodha Kite fund withdrawal process. To access Zerodha Kite a trader must have access to Kite. One can get access to Zerodha Kite by opening a trading account in Zerodha. If you do not have a trading account in Zerodha, you may open one by clicking HERE.

Once your Zerodha account is activated the first thing you should do to start trading is to to transfer funds to your trading account. During account opening your bank account is mapped with your Zerodha trading account. For Zerodha Kite fund transfer follow the following steps.

1) Login to Kite
2) On the top right click on FUNDS among the menus


3) This will take you to Funds page
4) You will be able to see to big buttons – ADD FUNDS & WITHDRAW
5) Clicking on ADD FUNDS will open another window where you will get options to add funds.
6) In ADD FUNDS page you can put Payment Gateway/Bank, Segment (Equity OR Commodity), Account No and Amount In Figure (Rs.).


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7) If you bank account is linked to your trading account then the payment gateway and account number will be auto filled once you select the mapped bank from the drop down.
8) Fill up the amount you want to transfer and click submit and you will be transferred to your net banking page where you can complete the transaction.
9) Similarly clicking on WITHDRAW will take you to the page where you can choose how much money to withdraw from which segment (Equity OR Commodity).

If you want to transfer funds from Zerodha Kite mobile app you can access the Funds option by clicking on the top left menu option. Check the image below:


However from the mobile app you can deposit funds to your trading account, but you will not be able to withdraw funds as of now.

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