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Zerodha has introduced two trading platforms. One is Pi – a trading platform based on Zerodha proprietary software Pi. The other is a web-based platform known as Kite. Kite also has an Android version in the same name. The web version and the Android version of Kite are similar and work in the same way. Henceforth, discussion on Zerodha Kite chart will automatically mean both of them.

Zerodha Kite Chart

Once you open the home screen, it opens with MarketWatch on the left and center of the screen is occupied with information on your balance in Equity and Commodity, how much has been used in trading, total account values in both the sections, margin used, realized a profit and so on. Above the center of the screen, there are buttons like Dashboard, Orderbook, Holdings, Position, Funds, Apps and your account besides buttons for add fund and withdraw.

zerodha kite chart

To open a Zerodha Kite chart, one has to select a scrip from Marketwatch. On selecting the scrip, a drop-down menu appears and there is a chart button there. Select the chart button and there appear a few buttons to customize the chart. First is the time button to which you can adjust your preference for the time frame. The time frame appears in 1min (minute), 3min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, hour, 1d (day), 1w (week), 1mo (month). After the time frame is selected go to display button to select the chart style and choose from Candlestick/ Bar/ Line/ Coloured Bar/ Hollow Candle/ Mountain/ baseline/ Volume Candle. In addition, there is a preference button for Chart Preference like Log Scale/ Continuous Scale. In the same menu, one can also customize the chart types from Heiken Ashi/ Renko/ Point & Figure/ Kagi/ Range Bars/ Line Break with settings button beside these. say one wants to set the range of Renko bars and wants to see the Renko Chart, whenever the setting button is clicked, a menu appears asking to put your preferred range or choose Auto Select to view it in default mode.

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Zerodha Kite chart also offers Studies button which allows the user to choose from a big array of technical charts. Though we have shown two Supertrend Charts and imposed one on another, you can choose anything you wish and make a trading system from that, like DMA/ EMa crossover, Bollinger Bands, Keltner Channel, a combination of MACD and Williams%R, RSI – all at your own wish. One can also save chart preference or clear preference through View/ Layout button.

Zerodha Kite Chart Conclusion –

Zerodha Kite along with Zerodha Kite Chart provides the most versatile trading platform for traders and investors alike. Zerodha Kite chart is also strong enough to replace the need for independent charting platform. To our view, Zerodha should be the most preferred platform for trading and for taking advantage of knowledge at your fingertips.

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