TTTB Swing Trading Picks May Hit Upper Circuit Today

We all know that the TTTB Trading system finds out blasting swing trading picks in stock and commodities markets. If you want to know more about TTTB Trading System please see our earlier post here.

Finding Swing Trading Picks

Before few days a stock BAYERCROP came to our radar through TTTB end of day swing trading picks scan. The scrip crossed the peak value at Rs. 2334.95 with a low KRA line and see now it’s trading at Rs. 2691.25 in just a few day’s time.

Swing Trading Picks

Another scrip looked weak, that is CIPLA. Check it has broken trough at 647 2 days back and the price was making higher highs while the KRA line was making lower highs. So it was clear cut divergence. Currently, CIPLA is trading at 629.15. We suggest selling the future in all rallies. But exact levels are available only to the TTTB trading system subscribers.

Swing Trading Picks

The System

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