TTTB Pro Amibroker AFL Set – Divergence + TTTB = Accuracy


After the launch of TTTB Trading System it has created a huge hype among traders all over India. TTTB is finding explosive stocks with simple scan and many of the TTTB findings have hit upper circuits day after day.

What is this TTTB Trading System? TTTB Trading System is a breakout trading system which spots highly overbought or oversold stocks using KRA line and buys or sells them at break peak or break trough. More details on TTTB Trading System and its usage guide can be found here.

We have coded TTTB System for Amibroker and released TTTB 5 amibroker afl pack for our subscribers. TTTB Trading System is now available FREE for our Trend Blaster subscribers. To subscribe instantly check here.

TTTB Trading System helps finding stocks which are oversold with immediate breakout potential. 80% of TTTB findings will give 5%-20% gains within 3-5 trading sessions.

TTTB trading system, a full proof system you can use to gain massive amount of cash through the stock or commodity market using just 15 minutes of your time each day.

TTTB trading system is a super protected and additional standard buying selling framework, tried completely with time, that will dependably create boundless cash from the stock or commodity markets, be it Bull, Bear or Sideways Market.

You may also watch the following webinar recording video to know more about TTTB Trading System.

To improve the system further we have now introduced TTTB Pro Trading System. This has all the benefits of the TTTB Trading System plus we have introduced MACD divergence and RSI divergence indicator in it. We have also launched a 3 hours indepth training for TTTB Pro users.

TTTB Pro will be available to the old TTTB users who has registered for the TTTB Pro Training. One may register for next training on TTTB Pro.

How one can benefit from TTTB Pro?

TTTB Pro trading system has all benefits of TTTB plus we have added 2 divergence indicators to find the exact turning points. First look for a divergence in indicators, ie, price making new lower low and indicator makes higher low. That means divergence spots when the indicator disagree with price. Then we look for a break peak for a buy setup.

One simple example AJMERA is up by 20% in last 2 days. Now check the AJMERA charts with normal TTTB Trading System.
TTTB Trading System
We can see the AJMERA has broken out from oversold KRA line (check the KRA line is touching the volumes). Now check the AJMERA charts with same TTTB panel, but we added 2 divergence charts.
TTTB With Divergence
Check how divergence indicators clearly shown up trendlines in the indicators while the scrip was moving down. It clearly indicated that the indicator was not interested in the downside. So whenever the scrip broken its PEAK, the breakout was so furious. 20% plus gains in 2 days flat.

We have coded TTTB System for Amibroker and released TTTB 5 amibroker afl pack for our subscribers. TTTB Trading System is now available FREE for our Trend Blaster subscribers. To subscribe instantly through credit cards click Trend Blaster Trading System page.

If you would like to go for TTTB training and also want to have the divergence indicators do join us for the TTTB training.

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    I am small intraday trader trade one lot in nifty fut,tata steel fut., crude in mcx,I would like to know does this system helpful in my trading,, if yes then how succsessful it will be.

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