TTTB Amibroker AFL Library Code To Find Blasting Stocks

Powerful stock trading or commodity trading strategy revealed with Amibroker AFL Library code.
TTTB trading system, a foolproof system you can use to gain a massive amount of cash through the stock or commodity market using just 15 minutes of your time each day.

TTTB trading system is a super safe and extra-ordinary wealth-making trading system, tested thoroughly with time, that will always generate unlimited money from the stock or commodity markets, be it Bull, Bear or Sideways Market.

Watch the following video:


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  • How the stock market or commodity market actually works.
  • Master the psychology of successful trading.
  • How to avoid costly mistakes 95% of traders make.
  • How to trade securely & profitably with a success rate of upto 80%.
  • How to screen for massive profits using just 15 minutes a day.
  • Trade without any intensive monitoring of the market.
  • How to consistently benefit from the stock market beyond the monthly wage your boss decided you’re worth.
  • How to acquire meaningful earnings as the market declines & strike windfall profits from market crashes.
  • How to use the stock market or commodity market as a vehicle to effectively harvest a fortune and further compound your growth for wealth creation and accumulation.



  • What stocks or commodities to buy?
  • When to buy?
  • How much to buy?
  • When to add positions?
  • When to sell?
  • When to cut your losses?

Yes, all your queries will be answered after you download our TTTB Amibroker afl code and read the TTTB trading guide. Whats more, its now available as Super Bonus with our Trend Blaster Trading System. Even you can purchase quarterly license of Trend Blaster Trading System and get 3 full months to test TTTB Trading System.

Download Amibroker AFL Library from here.

Download the TTTB trading system guide from below.

Download TTTB Powerpoint Presentation

After you install the Amibroker AFL Library ask for the username and password to find blasting trades instantly. To not forget to contact our support team for any help.

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30 replies

  1. Please provide username and password for accessing TTTB trading system.

  2. Prasanth Ji, Please connect to us via live chat during working hours for installation assistance. Rgds.

  3. Please tell us how to configure amibroker for TTTB, step by step

  4. Plz. provide user name and password for amibroker lib.
    I have opened Zerodha acct.

  5. TTTB got hk market?

  6. I have a Zerodha account….
    How much should I pay to consult with you…

  7. Indrajit, I have Zerodha Account, I want to map it under u. and become your club member. Plz. guide for further procedure.!

  8. i have downloaded ambiroker afl lib from ur site now i am waiting for user and password to know , i have installed telegram but not receiving calls ,pl do need full. thanks.

  9. sir, i am not getting trading call on my telegram and whats app or on my email, pl do needful.

  10. indrajeet da, Myself Biplab Goswami, need your help.I would like to trade under your zerodha club.I’m ready to open a/c under you. I need your Amibroker softwere where signal is given automatic? Is it chargable If I open account under you except Purchasing data cost. How much I have to pay for data. sir, i already take demo. but i could not understand anything. actually i’m new trader. Couldnot catch superfast demo? 2days trial was given from your end. But I could not operate after trying 3-4 times. please help.sir, i am trading in option & commodity. Plz help.

    • Biplab, do you expect to learn car driving in 2 days. Give some time to stock market or softwares, you will understand everything slowly. Contact my support team in case of any difficulty. They will help you always.

  11. need more accuracy ….hits many sl in 2 days………if possible plz install auto trade alert system for passed ok scripts after trade confirmaton

  12. Can you please post new videos bcoz the videos were recorded in 2104-15.

  13. Dear sir,
    By looking all your valuable information i am very much impressed.
    but due to my knowledge limitation i hope it will take time to study.
    Sir do you provide premium services in stocks advice.

  14. Hi I already have zerodha account . How to join u r team.
    I am interested to join your team.

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