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Woodie CCI For Amibroker

Figuring out Ken Wooden’s Woodie CCI system desires three issues:
1. What does a Woodie CCI sample appear to be?
2. What does a Woodie CCI entry sign appear to be?
three. What does a Woodie CCI exit sign appear to be?

Woodie simplest makes use of two CCI symptoms to trade with. One is the CCI 14 duration, proven as black, and known as
CCI. The opposite one is the CCI 6 duration, proven as purple, and known as Turbo CCI or TCCI. The CCI components
makes use of the (H + L + C) / three calculation and has a multiplier of zero.015. Woodie himself will have value bars, Woodies pivots and even the 34-ema exhibiting on the charts he pushes to the room in actual-time. However he does NOT use them to trade with. So we can no longer want both.

Woodie has outlined the trend the usage of the CCI symptoms most effective.
Woodie does now not use worth bars to outline the trend.
Woodie does no longer use the 34-ema to outline the trend.
Woodie does now not use a bigger period of time to outline the trend.
Woodie makes use of the identical chart to outline the trend as he does to identify a CCI sample for that market.
Every market can have its personal trend and isn’t to be regarded as when taking a trade on some other market.
You don’t want another charts, markets or warning signs to look and outline the trend.
When studying Woodies CCI system you have to trade with the trend. You don’t trade counter-trend trades.

Woodies CCI trend definition is as follows:
• If the CCI is above the zero-line (ZL) for six+ bars then the trend is up (the sixth bar is an yellow bar defining up-trend).
• If the CCI is under the zero-line (ZL) for six+ bars then the trend is down (the sixth bar is an yellow bar defining down-trend).

In case you are new to trading Woodies CCI system you then will have to best search for trades which can be with the trend
unless you not want this record.

The CCI zero-line (ZL) is a vital and fundamental a part of Woodies CCI system. All of Woodies CCI
patterns are outlined across the zero-line. It represents main make stronger and resistance at this second in
time. The zero-line is examined again and again during the trading day.

Moreover, the CCI +/- a hundred price line represents minor enhance and resistance at this second in time as
smartly. The CCI +/- 200 and higher values signify overbought (+200 and better) and oversold (-200 and
decrease) market stipulations at this second in time.

Probably the most Woodie CCI patterns are:
1. Zero-line Reject (ZLR)
three. Vegas Commerce (VT)
four. GB one hundred5. Tony Commerce (TT)
6. Ghost or a CCI head and shoulder smash

We’re sharing a pleasant Woodie CCI indicator for Amibroker. The indicator is derived and coded for Amibroker and the numbers 1-6 are auto generated in actual time as per 6 tradable Woodie CCI sample. Take a look at the picture beneath for extra important points. Click on on the picture for a bigger view.

Woodie CCI For Amibroker

You can freely download and use the Woodie CCI indicator formula by clicking the button below. You need an account in Facebook to download this file.

And now you will instantly see Woodie CCI panel appear in the charts real time in Amibroker. You may distribute this afl to your friends, but do not forget them to refer them to our site. Remember even all freebies are copyrighted for 164 countries, so if anyone tries to modify or sell these freebies we will be compelled to take strict legal actions against them.

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