7 Things You Must Know To Trade Pivot Points In 2017

Pivot Point Trading 2017

So you want to know how to trade pivot points? A pivot point is a leading indicator for all markets. Learning how to trade pivot points is not at all a rocket science. The first thing you must practice in pivot point trading is to be patient with yourself.

Be bold in trading but the boldness must be calculative. There are bold traders and there are old traders, but there are no old bold traders. One thing you must note pivot point trading is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a regular earning process. Trading pivot points are in fact a great way of improving your trades.

Pivot Point Calculation
Pivot Point Calculation

You can use last trading days open, high, low and close values to get next days floor pivot values. But thanks to technology. Now almost every charting platforms come with floor pivots. Floor pivots are the most popular pivots used in cash, futures and commodities markets. Floor pivots are calculated in advance as predictive support and resistance levels from where the market can reverse back. The primary pivot point (PP) is the point where the market changes between bullish to bearish. The support and resistance levels are predictive targets or bounce back points. Check the image below:

Trade Pivot Points

A picture is worth 1000 words

Daily floor pivots were originally calculated by pit traders to predict intraday turning points. So, how to trade pivot points as a strategy – my 7 point guide to trading pivot points:

  • Use a 15 minutes chart for intraday.
  • Use pivot points as support or resistance.
  • In some cases, the trader uses a pivot point as an entry point when the price is able to break through the pivot.
  • In other cases bounce from the pivot point is considered as an entry in counter-trend trade.
  • The resistance 1 (R1) and support 1 (S1) provides advance countertrend entries.
  • In both cases, the trader needs confirmation from the momentum indicators.
  • In addition to daily pivots I recommend using monthly and weekly pivot points. Weekly and monthly pivot points are of more concern to swing position traders.

Pivot point trading is prevailing since the old trading days. So I thought to re-share one of my old posts on trading Nifty using Pivot Points. You can read the post here:

How To Trade Nifty Using Pivot Point – Video Lesson.

Also for you, we have a ready-made pivot point calculator. Where you just need to put previous trading days open, high, low and close to get next trading days pivot levels. You can access this pivot point calculator


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