Top Large Cap Stocks 2019 in India

We’ve already covered the small cap and mid cap stocks in 2019. Today’s section contains Top Large-Cap Stocks 2019 in India. Apart from our suggestion list, your skill, charting techniques, will guide you to select best large-cap stocks 2019. Though our former content covered basic concept regarding market capitalization, still we will give a brief idea regarding the large cap.

What is Large Cap Stocks?

As we know that the market cap is the aggregate valuation of stocks in a company. We can categorize companies based on the size of the market cap. Therefore, generally, large-cap companies are well-established, larger in net worth (more than 75000 Cr).

Top Large Cap Stocks 2019 in India

As large-cap companies are well-established and stable, they are less risky in comparison to mid and small cap companies. So, it is advisable to pick these companies’ stocks for investment during a bearish market. Besides this, most of the large-cap companies pay dividends or bonus shares.

Here, we are going to list down best large-cap stocks 2019 in India.

Top Large Cap Stocks 2019 in India

The above list is taken from wikifinancepedia. Here, the top 10 large-capitalized companies’ stocks are given. Along with the companies’ names, there is industry type, the price of the stocks, EPS (earnings per share), P/E (price to earnings ratio), P/BV (price to book value) are given. As the list shows that these companies belong to the different industry with varieties of price and fundamental data. Now, investors must do some of their own analysis prior to long-term investment.

The next list is taken from reliancesmartmoney site. According to them, some of the large-cap stocks will do well in this year 2019. The list is as follows:

Lastly, we’re able to list down the suggested large-capitalized stocks from Moneycontrol site. The top five large-capitalized stocks are HDFC, ICICI Bank, ITC, L&T, Maruti.

These are some of the best-suggested stocks of large-capitalized companies in India. Apart from the suggestion, it is advisable to do your own research work prior to investment. One thing you should remember that the risk and return factors both are quite low in terms of time compared to small and mid-cap companies.

Top Large Cap Stocks 2019 in India

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