trend blaster trading system

Using Zoom Scan In Intraday Trading In Indian Stock Market

Money Management in intraday trading in Indian stock market is something that most people spend very little time on. Who cares if we have 8 losers in a row for Rs. 500.00 each? It might only take a few trades to make back my Rs. 4,000 and more. In this article, we will discuss on […]

How Zoom Scan Helps Trading Both The Trend And Range?

As you know that Zoom Scan is the biggest development on Amibroker AFL history in 2014. If you are not already familiar with Zoom Scan, go through this blog post here. You are also recommended to read Trend Blaster Trading System guide here. Our readers think that only Zoom Scan “PassedOK” scrips are good to […]

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