Nifty index hits 8678, now what??

Have you read my last post?? If not read this Give me red. On 5th March morning I sent a mail to all our mail subscribers with the same subject, i.e. Give Me Red. Yes all of us have seen 200 points fall from there. It is about the Nifty index. Understanding the market is … Continue reading “Nifty index hits 8678, now what??”

Nifty On Budget Day – Why 8875 And 8690 Crucial?

Budget offer on trading systems at the bottom of this page. Before analyzing Nifty on Budget Day 2015 and readers first to remind you what I have written in my last analysis of Monday. If you have missed the post please read it here. I have clearly written aggressive traders may try shorts in sudden … Continue reading “Nifty On Budget Day – Why 8875 And 8690 Crucial?”