T3B Trading System for Amibroker Finds Breakout Stocks

T3B Trading System For AmiBroker

As our visitors know, the TTTB or T3B Trading System for Amibroker made a bang between the traders of India and TTTB is growing to be the most popular for finding breakout stocks in Amibroker users. It was a necessity to modify some features in the TTTB Trading System.

Example of a Breakout

finding breakout stocks

An example of a breakout, SIEMENS has broken PEAK on 8th September, 2014 at Rs. 871.25 and on 9th of September it is trading at Rs. 911.40, up by 4.60 percent from the buy level. Many stocks like this shot up just after the break up and users scanning at the end of day not buying the stock in live market misses the move and enter late. Check the SIEMENS end of day chart below:

So, since launch there was a need to upgrade TTTB Trading System a bit in the following aspects:

  • Finding breakout stocks immediate before the breakout happens.
  • To know a level beyond which a stock should not be chased in case of a breakout or a breakdown.

So, we have made some updates in the TTTB Trading System afl and launched new version on 9th September, 2014. The update has already been uploaded to afl library and subscribers will automatically receive the updates in next launch of Amibroker afl library.

finding breakout stocks

1) In the exploration we added a No Chase Beyond column, users need to avoid entering the stock if the stock crosses more than 6% beyond the breakout level.
2) We have also added a 2nd exploration called Pre Scan, which will scan stocks within 3% from the breakout zone. So users can start watching those stocks nearing the breakout zone on intra-day basis.

What are the Charges for T3B Trading System for AmiBroker?

How to get T3B Trading System in your Amibroker? Now TTTB Trading System is a bonus with Trend Blaster Trading System. So it’s FREE. For instant access click here.

2019 Update: T3B Trading System for AmiBroker is now included in TBTS Pack DLL file. AmiBroker AFL Library has been discontinued.


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