How To Start Auto Trading With Zerodha Kite App

zerodha kite api

Nowadays you can start auto trading in Zerodha using Zerodha Kite API for programmatic access to Kite interface. For the first step, you need to open a Zerodha account. If you don’t have a Zerodha account click here to apply for a Zerodha trading account.

How to start auto trading in Zerodha Kite? (Auto Trading With Zerodha Kite Api)

1) You can use Zerodha Kite API also known as Kite Connect (programmatic access to trading).
2) Kite Connect is India’s first market API for retail clients.
3) Kite connect can be used by individuals, kite publishers (webmasters) and start-ups.
4) One can trade with his / her favorite programming language with Zerodha’s exchange-approved HTTP/JSON APIs.
5) Clients do not need to take any approval from the exchange as Zerodha has already obtained all necessary permissions from the exchange.
6) There can be some pre-fixed monthly expenses for using Zerodha Kite API.
7) You can trade in your favorite programming language Python, Java, PHP, NodeJS, C#, .Net etc using Zerodha’s exchange approved HTTP/JSON APIs.

Zerodha has published a documentation for the Zerodha Kite API. You can access the documentation here There is also a forum for the users of the Zerodha Kite API. Visit the forum by clicking HERE.

There are few resources in Github for the developers who want to use Zerodha Kite API. You can access the official Python client library for the Kite Connect trading APIs by clicking HERE. You can access the official Java client for communicating with Kite Connect API by clicking HERE.

Apart from the auto-trading usage of market data is also available using the Kite Connect API is possible for the developers. Still, the process is in a developmental stage. Zerodha is coming up with new features almost every day. We hope very soon the auto trading and another programmatic usage of the Zerodha Kite API will take a proper shape.

How To Start Auto Trading With Zerodha Kite App

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