How To Start Auto Trading In Zerodha Pi?

Auto Trading In Zerodha Pi

Few clients asks me how to start auto trading in Zerodha Pi platform. For them I have prepared this post where you can get in-depth idea on how you can start auto trading or algo trading in Zerodha Pi platform.

Case 1: Auto Trading in Zerodha Pi – Directly writing expert advisor code on Pi platform
1) Open Zerodha expert advisors page by clicking here.
2) Run your Zerodha Pi.
3) Create new expert advisor by clicking Artificial Intelligence –> Create new expert advisor.
4) You can backtest your expert advisor or take it into live trading also.
5) You can also use ready made expert advisors from Zerodha Expert Advisors page.
6) By default retail traders can do semi automated trading. If you want fully automated trading need to provide NCFM / NISM certificate to Zerodha and approve your strategy from the exchange. Remember, approving your strategy may take at least one month.
7) There can be some charges for semi automated and fully automated trading.
8) For detailed information on the charges and expert advisor you can write a mail to [email protected] OR post your queries to Trading QNA site.
Auto Trading In Zerodha
Case 2: Auto Trading in Zerodha Pi – Using Pi Bridge
Using Zerodha Pi Bridge, Zerodha Pi can be connected to your favourite charting language like Amibroker, Ninja Trader OR even you can write your trading logic in your favourite programming language like C#, Python or Perl and fire your trades directly into Zerodha Pi. You can also utilise or code two way updates to and from Zerodha Pi. One way you can fire orders and on the other way you can get order updates, modify or delete orders or get your position updates.
Pi Bridge
For accessing Pi Bridge you need to login to your backoffice Q and activate it from the Pi section of Q. Remember there can be some charges for using Zerodha Pi Bridge. For detailed information on the charges of Pi Bridge you can write a mail to [email protected] OR post your queries to Trading QNA site.

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    1. Suriya, first take a NCFM exam and get your certificate done from NSE in cash and FNO segment. Next apply to Zerodha with your certificate and sample strategy. It will take around 1 month to get your strategy approved from exchange and Zerodha will help you in this. Once that is done you can start full auto trading. The monthly charge for this payable to Zerodha is Rs. 6000 approx. Check with them for final charges.

  1. i want to buy 3,000 contracts of bankinfty in one go, will auto trading help, because there is a limit of 62 contracts by nse, or is there any other way of executing 3000 contracts in one go.I would appreciate your answer. Thank You

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