Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review, Price, DRHP

Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited is engaged in the business of providing specialized firefighting solutions as a system integrator. It is an Ahmedabad based company. The article covers Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review along with the issue date.

About Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review Issue Details :

Before step into Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review, let’s have a look at the issue details of the company.

  • IPO Opens on – September 12, 2018.
  • IPO Closes on – September 17, 2018.
  • Issue Price – Rs. 25 Per Equity Share.
  • Issue Type – Fixed Price Issue IPO.
  • Face Value – Rs.10 per Equity Share.
  • Min Order Quantity – 6000 Shares.
  • Market Lot – 6000 Shares.
  • Issue Size – 1,800,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10 aggregating up to Rs. 4.50 Cr.
  • Listing Exchange At – BSE SME Exchange.
  • Draft Prospectus – Download.

Objectives of the issue of the Company :

Before getting into the Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review, let’s focus on the objective of the issue.

  • Net Incremental Working Capital Requirement
  • General Corporate Purpose.

About The Company –

  • Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited is incorporated in 1949.
  • This company provides end to end solutions in installation, designing, commission, testing, implementation, management and operational support for security and fire solutions.
  • Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited has 27 employees on its payroll.
  • This company’s main focus is on helping their customers to achieve their objectives.
  • Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited is the biggest and the most favored Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Fighting contractor of India.
  • This company is work towards keeping their applications very simple and easy to operate for the end Users benefit.

Competitive Strengths of Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited :

  • Over two decades of experience of the company.
  • Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited perfectly positioned to benefit from government’s focus on infrastructure.
  • Good track record of this company of timely completion of projects.

Services of the company :

  • Fire Protection And Detection System –

  1. Smoke Detection and Fire Alarm System: The Fire Detection and Alarm System is intended to help in distinguishing flame, warmth or smoke. There are two kinds of Fire Alarm Systems – Addressable Fire Alarm System and Conventional Fire Alarm System.
  2. Fire Hydrant System: Fire Hydrant System is an excited pipe framework which runs vertically within the building. It will have a principle passage point situated outside of the building. This system used for the maximum at ground level and in a metal lodging with the coated entryway.
  3. Fire Sprinkler System: The Fire Sprinkler System comprises a water supply framework. This system giving satisfactory weight and stream rate to a water appropriation channeling framework.
  4. Water Mist Fire Protection System: The Water Mist Fire Suppression System changes over unadulterated water into the fine fog at a weight of 80 to 200 bars.
  5. Deluge System: Medium Velocity Water Spray System is introduced to control the copying and to give cooling and presentation insurance to such dangers where extinguishment is dependably unrealistic or even alluring.
  6. Gaseous Fire Suppression System: Gaseous Fire Suppression System the dormant gases and synthetic operators are utilized to quench a fire. It is otherwise called Clean Agent Fire Suppression.
  7. High Sensitive Smoke Detection System: High Sensitive Smoke Detection System is an early cautioning fire location framework including the most recent in Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology.
  8. Fire Rated Door: Fire Rated Doors assume an essential part in the imperviousness to the fire of a building.
  9. Fire Extinguishers: Fire Extinguisher is a gadget used to stifle or control little flames, regularly in crisis situations.
  • Electronics Surveillance and Security System –

  1. Access Control System: The Access Control System can confine the passageway of an unapproved individual into a property or a building. This framework can record the participation of the representatives.
  2. CCTV System: The CCTV System is utilized for observation in territories which is require day and night checking. Now maximum business and private spaces are utilizing CCTV Camera for security purposes. The CCTV or Closed Circuit TV is utilized for observation in territories that require checking.
  3. Public Address and Voice Alarm System: The Public Address System is an electronic enhancement framework. This framework depends on a Controller, Mixer, Amplifier, Router and Loudspeakers This system is used to fortify a given sound and disseminating the sound all through a scene or a building.
  4. Integrated Building Management System (IBMS): This is one type of Building Management System (BMS). This system is a PC based control framework introduced in structures. This Building Management System is controls and screens the building’s mechanical and electrical hardware.

Products of Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited :

  • Pumps –

  1. End Suction Pump.
  2. Split Case Pump.
  3. Multistage Pump.
  4. Special & Engineered Pump.
  5. Monobloc Pump.
  6. Submersible Pump.
  7. Sump Pump.
  • Motor

  • Engine.

  • Valves –

  1. Butterfly Valve.
  2. Sluice Valve.
  3. Non Return Valve.
  4. Kinetic Air Valve.
  5. Foot Valve.
  6. FM Approved Gate Valve.
  7. Suction Diffuser and Triple Duty Valve.
  8. Cast Steel Gate Valve.
  9. Ball Valve.
  10. Cast Steel Globe Valve.
  11. Steam Trap Device.
  12. Cast Steel Check Valve.
  13. Forged Steel Gate, Globe, Check Valve.
  • Fire Fighting Accessories and Pieces of equipment.

Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited

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Projects of the company :

Commercial Project –

  1. Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) (Substations of ALANDUR, GUINDY, LITTLE MOUNT, OTA) Chennai.
  2. Vardhman Institute Of Medical Science (VIMS) Pawapuri, Patna, Bihar.
  3. GMERS Medical College – Project Implementation Unit (PIU) Vadnagar, Mehsana, Gujarat.
  4. Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College Karnal, Haryana.
  5. Amrapali Lakeview Tower Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  6. International Cricket Stadium – Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board – Saifai, Uttar Pradesh.
  7. Incubation Centre – GIFT SEZ Limited.
  8. Indian Institute of Technology, INDORE.
  9. Indian Institute of Management, Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh.
  10. Administrative Headquarters of the state government of Maharashtra in South Mumbai – Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Residential Project –

This company doesn’t work any residential project.

  •  Industrial Project –

  1. L&T Knowledge City Baroda.
  2. Goa Shipyard Ltd Phase – 3A, Vasco-da-Gama, Goa.

Location :

Dev Aurum, Block A, 4th Floor 407/408,
Anand Nagar Cross Road, Prahladnagar, Satellite,
Ahmedabad – 380015.

The promoter of the company :

  • Mr. Rakesh Vallabhbhai Swadia, aged 58 years is a Director and Promoter of this company.
  • Mr. Devarshi Rakesh Swadia, aged 34 years, is the other Promoter of this company.

The Board of Directors of Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited :

  • Mr. Rakesh Vallabhbhai Swadia, aged 58 years is a Chairman Cum Managing Director of this company.
  • Mr. Devarshi Rakesh Swadia, aged 34 years, is a Whole-Time Director of this company.
  • Mrs. Nitaben Rakesh Swadia, aged 56 years, is a Non-Executive Director of this company.
  • Mr. Jayanta Kumar Pani, aged 48 Years, is an Additional (Independent) Director of this company.
  • Mr. Kunal Shah, aged 32 Years, is an Additional (Independent) Director of this company.

Name of Shareholders of the company :

  • Mr. Rakesh Vallabhbhai Swadia.
  • Mr. Devarshi Rakesh Swadia.
  • Mrs. Nitaben Rakesh Swadia.
  • Mrs. Manisha Devarshi Swadia.
  • Rakesh V Swadia HUF.
  • Devarshi Rakeshbhai Swadia.
  • Mrs. Shiljaben Nikul Patel.
  • Master Ahalya Devarshi Swadia.
  • Master Shrividya Devarshi Swadia.
  • Mr. Raju Birendrabhai Mishra.
  • Jignesh Babulal Shah HUF.
  • Mrs. Vaishali Jignesh Shah.

Company Financials : Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review

Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO

Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review :

Now come to the main discussion point Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review. Let’s have a look at the attachment which is the financial statement of the company. The statement carries the last five financial years data regarding profit loss growth. The last financial year profit level is quite high in comparison to the previous years. The prospectus of the company carries fundamental details, refers to the draft red herring prospectus. From the prospectus, we get each and every fundamental detail of the company.

Basic and Diluted Earnings Per Share or EPS stands at 16.60 (pre bouns) as per the year 2017-18. Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio) is at 16.60 in the FY 2018. Return on Net Worth or RoNW is at 35.30 in the last financial year. NAV/Share is at 47.03. Therefore, based on the available data, it can be analyzed that Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited IPO Review carries a NEUTRAL view. Investors may take a chance in a long-term perspective.

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