A Quick Guide On Top Performing Mutual Funds 2017

Top Mutual Funds To Invest In 2017
Large Cap Equity Mutual Fund - Best Funds To Invest

As you know that the stock market is alsways noisy. But this year its going to be more noisy post demonitisation. It has the potential, the scale of noise could be such that it can exceed 2016. So its time that we make a list for top performing mutual funds 2017 and be prepared.

In 2016 we have seen BREXIT, we have seen US Presidential Election and a fairly unexpected outcome of the same, we have seen demonitisation etc. So we have seen all kind of drama. We are anticipating hike in the interest rate in the US.

So the strategy for the investor is to keep calm and have a plan. Here in India interest rate will come down and remain low for a long period of time. So you can expect small-cap and mid-cap to recover. So its time to back to your principle. You have to diversify, you have to invest long term money and you have to invest regularly, invest the money that you do not need immediately in the coming years.

So what are the top performing mutual funds 2017? Which are the funds to invest in? Lets concentrate on equity multicap fund. 4 funds that came in our radar are:

All these funds are equity multicap funds and they are not restricted to a part of the market like large cap or small cap etc. Though all of them are going to be performers, buy out of them ICICI PRU VALUE DISCOVERY FUND is going to be the STAR of top performing mutual funds 2017. Check the image below:
Top Performing Mutual Funds 2017 1
Previously the ICICI PRU VALUE DISCOVERY FUND was a midcap based portfolio, but now they have changed. Now a portfolio of 40 stocks, the fund’s performance has been consistent, it performs well in volatility times.

Overall you can invest in all these four funds in 2017. If you have running SIPs in any of them, please do not stop. You can ask any queries in the comment section below the post.

Large Cap Equity Mutual Fund - Best Funds To Invest

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