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About FYERS- Fyers is one of the most well-known and experienced stockbroking industry in Indian stock market. The company offers the best trading platform to investors. It became the trading member of NSE with in-house technology in August 2015. After that, they launched in-house trading platform in May 2016. Their thematic investing platform also plays a significant role in the trading platform.

Most Importantly, they introduce Free Investment Zone, zero brokerage for equity shares. So, the free investment zone offers lowest brokerage charges which are almost 95% less than other brokers. Not only that, the company decided to reduce the cost barriers for equity investors. Besides this, there is no upper limit or lower limit on the brokerage fund. Click here to open an account in Fyers.

Reason to Choose FYERS over other brokers

  • The company is the zero brokerage stockbroking agency, well-known for their low brokerage facility that is 95% less than other brokers.
  • The stockbroking agency has a 30 days challenge system to encourage investors.
  • They provide robust charting tool with world-class facilities.
  • Their equity delivery and thematic investing are for free.
  • They charge equity intraday and future is for Rs.20 per executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower.
  • Option, call & trade service, admin square off charges is Rs.20 per executed order.
  • They provide maximum leverage.
  • It is established for low latency and fastest trade execution.
  • Advance screeners and real-time data analysis are available.
  • Fyers offers robust disaster management system.
  • They also have 100% transparency and a unique thematic investing platform.

About Products:

They offer various products, such as,

Fyers Web:

By providing trading view charts, they have developed a world-class trading platform on the web. The multi-chart setup allows investors to view up to 8 charts simultaneously. So, they have introduced Price ladder (DOM) trading and trading directly from charts, for the first time in India. It includes more than 20 years of historical EOD data, extensive intraday historical data and all Fu0026amp;O historical prices since inception. To open an account in Fyers click here.


Fyers One:

It provides an advanced trading platform that will help investors to make informed trading decisions. Some unique features are heatmaps, stock screeners, support and resistance filters, intraday scanners, real-time market wide analytics and other key information like FII/DII data, global markets performance, RBI key rates etc. SO, for future and options traders, they offer live options chain, options greeks, and market-wide and stock specific open interest analysis.

fyers one

Fyers Markets:

It has a robust mobile trading app designed to help investors to trade quickly. The investors can also track the performances of all major stock indices in real-time. They can add twenty-five scrips in their watchlist and they can create up to five separate watchlists.

fyers market

Thematic Investing:

It is a basket of stocks, based on specific ideas. There are 100+ pre-designed portfolios. One can customize them u0026amp; invest.

thematic investment

Interested traders can open a trading and demat account in Fyers. Visit this link to open an account in Fyers.