UTI Mutual Fund

UTI Mutual Fund

UTI or Unit Trust of India is a SEBI registered mutual fund from 2003. The four largest public sector institutions in India promote UTI mutual funds. These banks are the State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank and Life Insurance Corporation of India. The article is all about a brief description of the fund house’s background history.

About UTI Mutual Fund

The asset management group has established a nationwide distribution network all over the country. The fund house comprises over 48000 AMFI/NISM certified independent financial analysts and more than 150 financial centres. Besides this, it has 302 gun development associates. Under its 230 domestic schemes/ plan (as on Sept 30, 2017) UTI Mutual Fund has over 10 million investor accounts all over India.

UTI is one of the largest mutual funds consisting of different asset classes and launched various schemes such as UTI Unit Linked Insurance Plan with life and accident cover, in 1986 it launched UTI Mastershare, and in 1986 India’s First offshore fund was launched.

The Business of UTI Mutual Fund

We can columnize the fund house history:

  • UTI is India’s most well-establish asset management group. The institution has a good track record overall over the past years. It has shown strength in overcoming financial turbulence.
  • The asset management institution has an immense contribution to the industrial and capital growth in the market. It has diversified financial services and products.
  • UTI has different business activities under the asset management group like the domestic mutual fund, portfolio management services, and international business. Apart from this, there are retirement solutions, venture funds, and alternative investment assets.
  • With more than 150 branches, 47000 highly trained IFAs,  320 chief agents, and business development associates UTI reaches its peak point. Besides this, It has over 1 crore investor accounts.

Product Segments

In the product option, the company has four different segments e.g., Asset Class, Exchange Traded Fund or ETF, Solution Based Fund, and New Fund Offer.


In conclusion, UTI Mutual Fund has proved to be one of the best investment options in India. With its efficient and reliable customer service, transparent processes and diversified offering of schemes, it has been able to provide investors with steady returns over a long period of time. Moreover, it provides plenty of innovative solutions for all kinds types of investors profiles such as risk profilers or traders. These advantages make UTI MF an ideal choice for both beginner investors as well as experienced professionals looking for safe investments with good returns in the Indian market.

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