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Tata Mutual Fund

Tata Mutual Fund is a company by the Tata Group. They are also a veteran player in the mutual fund industry. For its consistent performance and beneficial service, Tata has earned billions of customers’ trust. It considers as the most valued brands in India. They offer diversified investment options for every professional whether one is a businessman or salaried professional, retired person or housewife etc.

Tata Asset Management group concentrates on the overall excellence within the framework of rigorous risk controls. They provide efforts on their performance, besides this, there are few aspects on which their progress depends, such as Consistency level, Flexibility, Stability, Services etc. Their work or performance is based on certain core values which are Pioneering, Integrity, Excellence, Unity, Responsibility.

Now, let’s discuss Tata’s fund facilities. The fund options are as follow:

Equity Funds

  • Large Cap
  • Diversified
  • Mid-cap
  • Sectoral
  • ELSS

Debt Funds

  • Liquid
  • Short term
  • Income
  • Dynamic
  • Gilt

Hybrid Funds

  • Equity-oriented

Solution Based

  • Retirement Solution
  • Child Savings Plan

Tata Mutual Fund emphasis on their investors’ purpose and facilities. They have a different segment, based on Investor Services which consists of Easy investment option, SIP, Services, Important updates, and Feedback. In the Tool and Calculator option, in it, there is SIP planner, based on the monthly and final amount, Goal Planner, Retirement Planner. There is also a knowledge center or Investors’ education center for newbies.

Like other asset management firms, Tata provides NAV calculator benefits. Apart from this, there is dividends option also. The company’s philosophy is quite upgraded. It has experienced and valuable analytical team and board of directors. This is a brief content by which you will get an overall view regarding this company. If anyone wants to invest in Tata Mutual Fund, it will hopefully generate profitable returns. For further information, you can also visit the company’s profile and go through it.