Reliance Mutual Fund

Reliance Mutual Fund

All of us is familiar with the asset management company Reliance Mutual Fund. Under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, Reliance Mutual fund has been established as a trust with Reliance Capital Limited. Under Reliance Group Industry, Reliance Mutual Fund becomes the fastest growing mutual funds in India. The company has reached the peak point by offering its investors a well-rounded portfolio of products to meet varying investor requirements. The asset management company has left its footprint in 160 cities across the country.

From January 2018 to March 2018 quarter 4 RMF with AAUM (average assets under management) of 2,44,903.56 Crores and 81.7243 lakhs folios (as of 31st March 2018). Reliance Mutual Fund has launched various schemes and facilities. Under these schemes, units are issued to the public. Reliance Mutual Fund provides investors the opportunities to make investments in diversified securities.

In the fund options, under asset class, there are

  • Equity Funda,
  • Debt Funds,
  • Gold Funds,
  • Liquid Funds.

In the segment of Top trending Funds, one can find out funds based on current market demand. In Equity top trending fund, there is Reliance Small Cap Fund. Debt category includes Reliance Low Duration Fund (Previously refers as Reliance Money Manager Fund), Liquid Fund consists of Reliance Liquid Fund (Previously known as Reliance Liquid Fund- Treasury Plan). This information is based on the current market scenario.

Besides recommendation on the top trending fund, there are retirement funds, ETF, NFO. Retirements funds include long-term tax saving and pension schemes. ETF consists of stock exchange trading in baskets of securities. In NFO segment subscriptions opens for the company’s new fund offers.

Like other asset management group, RMF also has knowledge sharing and customer service option in its company profile. If you want to know more about the Reliance Mutual Fund, you can go through the link. The article covers an overall brief history of the company.