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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund is one of the largest asset management group. The company manages assets for institutions, retail and high net worth clients. Franklin has more than 600 investment professionals in 28 countries. In order to meet their investment criteria, they are positioned to look beyond the most visible securities in the market to identify smart global investment.

Franklin has spread its network all over the world. It has 46 regional offices, 13 global trading offices, 15 local asset management teams, and connection in 180 plus counties. Now come to the company’s financial and fundamental strength. The company holds more than 600 plus investment professionals, 9000 plus employees, 24.6 million shareholders accounts in 35 countries. Lastly, let’s discuss the asset valuation which is 742.6 billion.

In the fund explorer option, you can find your desired investment options. These are as follows:

  • ELSS
  • Equity Fund
  • Fixed Income Fund
  • Hybrid Fund
  • International Fund
  • Liquid Fund

In the company profile, they also provide other facilities too like watchlist, fund comparator, SIP calculator, lumpsum calculator. Besides this, it also has NAV calculation for each fund. They have fund and solution option, under this, there are child’s education, retirement, holiday, cash management, home, wealth creation, tax planning. The company provides the facility of knowledge regarding mutual funds. Anyone can go through these contents. The option is named as investor education.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund’s customer service includes instant services, account subscription, account services. In account subscription, there are valuation/account statement, NAV alert etc. Account service consists of SMS services, online service etc. Instant services include instant mail-back, consolidated account statement etc.

Franklin Templeton has over 65-year track record of managing investor money. The company also engaged in providing financial education and training over the years. In 2005, it was founded in Asia and after that spread its network to Europe and America. It is one of the few fund houses which provides best finance management facilities.