How to Open Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite?

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After climbing up to the No. 1 position as the largest brokerage firm in India, I think there is no need to give any basic introduction about Zerodha. As we know Zerodha kite is known as one of the best trading platforms. Recently, they have launched its latest version Kite 3.0 Beta which is more advanced than the previous one. Kite basically gain its popularity due to its charting tools, advanced technical techniques, real-time data and more. Today’s article is basically guidance on Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite and how to open it in a single window. Here, from login to open charts, each and every detail will be given.

How to Open Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite in Single Window?

First of all, let’s get one thing clear that only kite users can access the multiple charts option and get the benefits. Only after login in Zerodha kite by id and password, the account will be activated. After activation of the account users can get facilities, provided by Zerodha.

How to Find the Multiple Charts Option?

  • First, you have to decide on which stocks or securities you need to work on.
  • Select the securities and add them to the market watch window.
  • After adding them, Open the Chart option
  • The up-right side of the Chart window, you will find Display.
  • In the Display section, there are Multiple Charts.

For the understanding purpose, an image is attached below:

Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite

Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite

As you can see in the above attachment that there are two options under multiple charts, 2 Charts, and 4 Charts.

  • When you click on the 2 charts options, a small window will be opened.
  • There you can get the chance to select two stocks on which you want to work on.
  • Make sure the stocks are already added in the market watch.
multiple charts window

For example, here I added in Chart 1 Union Bank and in Chart 2 Federal Bank. After adding click on the Done button, a new window will be opened with 2 charts.

multiple charts in one window

From the same window, users can change each chart’s settings separately.

In order to set 4 charts in a single window, users need to follow the same steps like 2 charts.

4 charts
4 charts in a window

The process of setting the Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite is quite easy. The facility is totally a useful concept.

Benefits of Using Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite

  • Traders can analysis a maximum 4 securities in a single window.
  • Less time consuming for monitoring the market.
  • Intraday traders can get maximum benefits by using it.
  • Users can easily compare 4 charts at a glance.

However, undoubtedly, the multi-chart window is best for traders as well as investors.

How to Open Multiple Charts in Zerodha Kite?

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