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Metastock 16 Review, Metastock Software Download Link

Metastock 16 Review

Metastock (MS) is one of the most powerful and demanding trading software, introduced by Steve Achelis in the year 1982. For over 30 years it is rated as no. one market analysis tool. The design is specially made for intraday traders to get live market data and comes with the most reliable trading solution. Customization facility is available here, one can customize any trading solutions according to his preferred style. Today’s article will provide a Metastock 16 Review as well as will provide the Metastock software download link.

Metastock 16 Features

Metastock software carries different features with it. Traders can get beneficial tools and options in this trading software. Toolbox of Metastock 16 consists of the following features:

Charting, Exploration, System Testing, Forecaster


  1. 87 custom indicators
  2. 8 expert advisors
  3. 6 system tests
  4. 6 type of explorations
  5. 72 external function DLL files
  6. Real-time alert
  7. Automated Buy-Sell signal’
  8. Customizable


  1. Scanning/Ranking
  2. Scan on the Market according to one’s choice
  3. Customizable

System Testing

  1. Find out what strategies are working now
  2. Find out what securities are working best
  3. Detailed Profit and Loss Statement
  4. Customizable
  5. There are more than 200 technical indicators available here.


  1. Statistical forecast details
  2. Hand drew patterns available
  3. To form chart traders can select any pattern.

Extra Features

  • It has a new exploration results interface
  • It will also show results counts and rejects
  • You will get full details of exploration on a single screen
  • You can also view full details of exploration results
  • Users can now double click on exploration results to open the charts
  • You can open exploration window open while simultaneously you can use charts
  • Can view all previous exploration results in a single window
  • Candle pattern scans are included
  • Adaptive Cycle Toolkit or ACT
  • Dave Laundry Systems
  • MRU indicators
  • You can now sort by name or symbol easily

Metastock 16 Has A Few Changes In Some Core Indicators

  • ASI and ASDI indicators are changed
  • Minimized lag in these indicators
  • Identifying trending vs trading markets
  • Identifying markets full of noise
  • Indicators are smoothened to get a better response

The New Metastock Software Has Sector Stat Expert Advisors

  • 2 new systems for oil and metal
  • 2 new expert advisors
  • 12 new indicators
  • 2 brand new templates

Metastock 16 Review

  • It provides customizable features and flexible in nature. If traders are confident enough and can develop personal strategies, they may use this customize option for trade.
  • Among various beneficial offers, supporting tool, free supporting line-chat, instant message, forum visit facilities are the most eye-catching facilities here.
  • It is an essential part of the Reuters product line which is used by institutional managers.
  • Currently, it has more than 300,000 retail customers all over the globe.
  • It is easy to use if you are familiar with its features.
  • It has tried to introduce conceptually correct repeatable methods.
  • Systems that eye on small and quick trades but at the same time keeping trade at hand till the trend lasts.
  • Mean reversion trading systems.

List of in-built line studies that MetaStock 16 includes:

  • Andrews’ PitchforkCycle Lines
  • Cycle Lines
  • Ellipse
  • Equidistant Channel
  • Fibonacci Arcs, Fans, Retracements, Projections
  • Fibonacci Time Zones
  • Gann Lines, Fans, Grids
  • Linear Regression Trendline
  • ODDS™ Probability Cones
  • Quadrant Lines
  • Raff Regression Channel
  • Rectangle
  • Speed Resistance Lines
  • Standard Deviation Channel
  • Standard Error Channel
  • Tirone Levels
  • Trendlines
  • Triangle

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System – Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher
RAM – Minimum 2GB RAM, Recommended: 6GB RAM
Video – Video card and monitor supporting at least 32-bit color at 1024×768 or higher
Hard Disk – 1GB of Available disk space
Internet Connection – Broadband / High-speed Internet connection

MetaStock Software Download Link

Metastock Software Download Link

You can download Metastock 16 by clicking on this link below:


Metastock is maintained by equis.com, who is the pioneer in the technical analysis industry. They are the one who has first added all these indicators in trading software. MS is though a costly software, but it can be purchased at once and the Metastock software download link can also be accessed immediately after purchase.

This software is upgraded from time to time and is used by professional traders worldwide. If you have money to shell out, you can definitely go for it and use it in real-time trading.


We have seen that the main drawback of MS is its cost. The 499 dollars for the end of day version or the 1395 dollars for the real-time version is definitely on the higher side. Hence for Indian traders its definitely not the first choice for its high cost because software like AmiBroker is available at a much cheaper rate.

The second drawback of MS is from version 12 they are not allowing to use third party data. Hence for Indian traders, it has become costlier to use this software. You need to use proprietory data vendors like Esignal with MS.

The third drawback for MS is the cost of the add-ons. They have many add-on products like AlphOmega Elliott Waves, Barry Burns Top Dog Toolkit, Chuck Hughes’ Prime Trade Select, Dr. Elder’s Enhanced Trading Room, CycleTrends, Guy Cohen’s OVI Traders (Annual) and many more. But many of them are too costly to be used by an average single trader.

We have some more resources on MS on our website. Day by day we are also trying to add new articles to that section. To know more about Metastock software and get an MS tutorial, you can go through our Metastock section here.

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